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July 6, 2008 Westdale Mall, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Got rid of headache & less stressed & less anxiety.”

[Paraphrased from a patient who had just had a tooth pulled in the Tsu Chi dental clinic: since the acupuncture treatment following dentistry, the pain is less. Feel more relaxed. Fell asleep twice during treatment.]

“Thanks for coming out to help and keep up the Great work – See you again!”

“I have been very depressed and stressed and I am totally relaxed. I would love to have this treatment weekly or at least monthly.”

“Was very stressed and anxious about things more relaxed and calm.”

“Less stress and more energy”

“I have never tried this before It was very helpful I would like to know what acupuncture would do for my back”

“More comfortable chair to sit in while being acupuncture.”

“Wow! Can’t wait to become ‘a regular’ First time since 6/12 my neck and shoulders aren’t like iron !! [incorporated into a sort of smiley face] Thanx CR Morrissey 7/6/008”

“I felt very good. I had a terrible Headache & Stiff neck. The Pain is gone. I would like to continue with This. I’m going to look for a doctor here that does that.”

“It’d probably be more comfortable if people weren’t looking across at one another. [smiley face]

“Came in with a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and with a headache. I am now very relaxed with most of the tension gone and no headache. Awesome experience! Whole body is relaxed and ready for a nap [smiley face]

“I feel more relaxed”

“Thank you!”

[Before:] more restless
[After:] sleepy

“More pleasant than first anticipates, Thanks!”


“I’m Highly stressed out. After only 7-9 minutes of the acupuncture, I’m very relaxed. Thank you.”

“Acupuncture treatment allowed me to relax and become calm.”

“I feel relaxed. My back feel relaxed.”

“Appreciate the opportunity to try acupuncture! Thank you very much!!”

“I came in with a lot of anxiety but now feel more relaxed.”

[Would have preferred] “more comfortable chairs to relax in.”

“Very relaxing. Thank you!”

“I feel SO much better!”

“Was very peaceful and relaxing”

A policeman at a shelter remarked, a few days after his only treatment, that the severity of his migraines had been cut in half.

“I feel a big difference! When I came, my back was sore. [Now} not feeling that. I feel very calm and relaxed!”

“It is very relaxing. Ears feel better.”

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