Acupuncturists Without Borders -  Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
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Diana, AWB and Mayway,

wow!!! The info from Mayway in their articles is so wonderful. I must tell you after being a victim of the hurricane and its unreal aftermath it has been rare that I have felt vulnerable enough to let my guard down and let some of this all set in. Though the good will is truly always appreciated, it is as if at times we victims are zombies in program to make it thru this ever so trying time. If its not a funeral or a friend telling a story of how the houses are collapsing while waiting for the insurance to stop playing games or the companies that are actually working to clean up the city are sub outs from no bid contracts that are not paying and driving away the labor--- we survivors pursue everyday with a sense of laughing to keep from crying. some days laughing so loud it sounds like crying yet we are sure not to break our southern hospitality--- so we say "oh darlin' ya'll so wonderful" ( but we are really saying is I can't believe I am here like this and I can't believe I'm going to get thru this and it is so wonderful of you all to be here helping as we really are doing the best we can.) I saw a sign that said "we are not asking for a hand out - we are asking for help so we can help ourselves". We are loving and giving in a way here in the south/New Orleans that is so special to diversity, spirit, heritage and friendship that there is nothing like it in the world over. We know that and are proud of it as much as a peacock who displays its feathers-- funny we display that pride every Mardi Gras! But you friends we have embarrassed you our acupuncture friends have maybe even taught us a thing or two. But, I was truly proud to know ya'll and let my guard down to cry a moment when I saw the article in Mayway about 'us' victims. Not only do I now have a personal experience of your work But, having followed your growth in making a difference, it is a moment of pride I share and thank you for -- "for knowing you, for knowing the victims and caring anyway and for being a part of the humanity you help remind the victims really does exist in the world". Filling me up I will now go out and help another making it beyond this day and I will remember all the difference you all have made. I will laugh and hug my friends to keep from crying as I tell them of this, and they will pass it on to another in the same way.

More than words,

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