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AWB Newsletter 10-20-2008
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Acupuncturists Without Borders October 2008
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AWB Newsletter Fall 2008
New Places and
New Faces for AWB
Lisa, Diana and Gretchen in the office
AWB Staff in our new office!
From left to right: 
Executive Director, Diana Fried; Program Coordinator, Gretchen Lorenson; and Executive Assistant, Lisa Moore

In June AWB made the transition from cyber space to physical office space!  We found a small room in a lovely community health care practitioners.  This transition has brought huge relief to our well worked staff  who now work in an actual office!

With our new office space comes our new phone number

(505) 266-3878

Give us a call Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Mountain Time -  now you can reach a live person!

AWB is pleased to welcome our new Executive Assistant,
Lisa Moore, and the Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Maureen Tetelman, L.Ac. of NYC and Jeya Aerenson, L.Ac. of Eugene, Oregon.

For more information about our staff and Board of Directors please visit our website at 

The Board of Directors would like to thank Mary Chaney, Pat Flood, Meg Russell, and Robert Woodbine for their service to the Board.

  • Mary Chaney, former Board Chair, and Pat Flood, former Vice Chair both volunteered in NOLA, and were instrumental in forming the board and helping to shape the organization during their 2 year tenure.
  • Mary worked closely with the Executive Director and staff, and devoted an enormous amount of her personal time to the Board as well as to supporting the operations of AWB.
  • Robert Woodbine was successful in holding several community events for the organization prior to, and subsequent to, joining the board and he served on the Fundraising Committee while he was with us.
  • Meg Russell, CPA, was Treasurer and served on the Finance Committee.
We are extremely grateful for their service.

Cristi Canali DeMarco, Chair of the Board,  L.Ac., Kingfield,  Maine

Veterans Day Events 2008

AWB is calling for volunteers across the country to hold Community-Style Acupuncture Events on or around Veterans Day (November 11) to help heal the traumas of war. 

The volunteer run events will be held to:
  • Raise awareness about how acupuncture can help with the current crisis among veterans related to stress and trauma,
  • To promote acupuncture in general to the public and,
  • To support AWB's national Veterans Project.

We currently have 31 people nationwide who have decided to hold an event with major event planning already underway in Virginia, California, New York and Philadelphia. 

You still have time to create a great event!

If you would like to hold an event or volunteer to be part of a team please be sure to contact AWB!

AWB will provide you with the Veterans Day Event Kit and FREE SUPPLY OF NEEDLES DONATED BY CARBO.

Contact AWB for more information on how to obtain the kit.


Thank You!

Acupuncturists Without Borders is proud to acknowledge the generosity of so many people who have contributed to our fundraising campaigns. You have touched us with your appreciation and confidence in the difference we are making
in the world.

Smiling kids in Iowa
We couldn't do it without you!

Our Summer 2008 campaign raised over $6000.00  and we received a $15,000.00 grant from AEPOCH!

Humanitarian Fund Created by Colorado's State Association

By Jan Vanderlinden and Diana Horowitz, L.Ac.'s

As Oriental Medicine practitioners, many of us feel an acute social responsibility to provide health care to people in need, whether they can afford it or not.   Some organize community clinics.  Others travel to a places that are unsafe, or give up their precious time and money to go somewhere designated as a "disaster zone" and work for nothing.

In September of 2005, the Acupuncture Association of Colorado (AAC) created the Humanitarian Fund to "support in principal and action furthering the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) through community service and cross-cultural exchanges on a local, national and global level."....

Read the full article HERE

Upcoming Healing Community Trauma Trainings

           Training, Phoenix, 08

AWB continues to hold its CEU/PDA trainings around the country with excellent reviews from our attendees. 

These trainings are invaluable to prepare acupuncturists around the country to do relief work in the field with traumatized populations.

AWB's Healing Community Trauma Trainings are coming to:

Portland, OR Oct. 11-12, 2008
New York, NY  Nov. 1-2
Los Angeles, CA  Dec. 6-7
Albuquerque, NM  January 17-18, 2009
Orlando, FL  Feb. 28 - March 1, 2009

To register go to our website at or call or email Gretchen Lorenson, Training Coordinator at (505) 266-3878 or

We hope to meet you at one of our trainings soon!

In the spirit of service,

Diana Fried, Executive Director and the AWB Staff

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Veterans Day Events
Humanitarian Fund Created by Colorado State Association
Upcoming Trainings Schedule
Iowa Relief Effort
Disaster Ready Fund
Vets Clinic Corner
AWB's Spending Allocations

Quick Links

AWB CEU Trainings Schedule

AWB Website
The Iowa Floods Relief Effort
Summer 2008
Iowa Flooding

In June of 2008, areas of Iowa and the Midwest experienced severe flooding. We were hearing stories like this:

"Our city and community has been struck by tragedy and destruction. We each carry the dampness of the past week in our lungs and in our hearts. So much has darkened the skies of our community-evacuations, losses of property, uncertainty, disruption and fear. And we have also seen great generosity and compassion."
Temple Judah News

An AWB volunteer from Chicago who had attended our Chicago training and had also started a Vets Clinic, Kirk Moulton, L.Ac., contacted us about leading a field effort to help those suffering from the devastation. We began to mobilize, under Kirk's leadership working with AWB staff...

Read the full article HERE

Disaster Ready Fund

With Help
AWB has started a
Disaster Ready Fund to ensure that we are able to respond rapidly to disasters with coordinated teams of volunteers in the field providing free treatments to the survivors and relief workers. 

To prepare for rapid response to future disasters we will need funds set aside just for that purpose. 

Help us build the Disaster Ready Fund with your donation now!* 

*Be sure to mention in the "Notes to Seller" 
field on PayPal that your donation is for the Disaster Ready Fund.

Veterans Project
Clinic Spotlight Corner

The Portland, Maine Veterans Acupuncture Clinic (PVAC)  has opened its doors and become a great success. 

They received an incredible front page media story and saw their regular attendance of around 20 people jump to 42 in one night!  (read the article HERE) The clinic is a large group effort run by 12 local acupuncturists providing free weekly treatments to Portland area veterans and their families.

PVAC acupuncturists shared on our AWB teleconference last month their experience and advice on how to set up and run a very successful clinic.  If you would like to hear the recording send us an email or give us a call at (505) 266-3878 and we'll give you instructions.

Click Here to donate to the AWB Veterans Project and support our efforts to help open more clinics like this one nation wide! 

Please write 'Veterans Project Donation' in the "Comments to Seller" field on PayPal so that we know how to allocate your donation.
How AWB Spends Its Money

If you have ever wondered how AWB spends the funds from donations, training registrations and memberships you can see our breakdown here.

AWB Spending Chart

Click image to see a larger view

AWB Wish List
  • Frequent Flyer tickets for Field Volunteers (we need enough miles for a full ticket!)
  • Portable printer
  • Desktop computer
AWB Behind the Scenes
In addition to the areas where we have been able to launch a field program on the ground, AWB has also offered support , behind the scenes,  when we have been contacted about individual efforts to coordinate acupuncture field programs in disasters.

We were contacted about the Minneapolis bridge collapse and the Colorado tornadoes, and offered help with networking people and providing supplies. We also supported the organizers of The Longest Walk program, an environmental and Native American commemoration and activist walk across the country.
 Volunteers in New Orleans

When disasters hit Burma and China, we worked hard to see if there was a way we could launch field programs. In both situations, due to government obstacles, we were unable to pursue this further. If there is a disaster that hits your area, and AWB is
unable to launch a program on the ground, please contact us and we will do all we can to support your effort to help. Over time, our capacity to respond will increase and we
hope to be there when you need us.
Become an AWB Member Today!

   Jing Level - $100 for one year, $50 for students
      The root and foundation of our membership

   Qi Level - Recurring monthly payment equal to one hour of your services ($40, $60, $80 or $100) for the   
   duration of 6 or 12 months
      Sustaining, ongoing nourishment for the organization

   Shen Level - Corporate sponsorship of minimum of $500 for one year.  With sponsorship of $1,000 or
your organization will receive a hotlink on the AWB website for one year
      The transformative level allowing expansion into the wider community

See the website for more information or to join AWB in its mission to bring acupuncture relief and recovery services to global communities in need!

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