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AWB Newsletter 11-8-2007
Acupuncturists Without Borders
November 8, 2007
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California Fire Relief Effort

"The Red Cross gave me a hot meal and a blanket, the acupuncturists gave me peace of mind."
        - California resident

(right: San Diego County Sheriff receiving treatment from an AWB volunteer)

On Tuesday, October 23rd AWB made a decision to coordinate teams to provide acupuncture relief to the people of Southern California affected by the wildfires.  By Sunday, a team had been formed, locations were scouted, the word was put out and a relief effort was underway.  Over the next few weeks, several hundred treatments were given to California residents, firefighters and other public and emergency workers.

AWB set up initially at the Ramona Senior Center in Ramona, California where residents were coming to receive meals, clothing, water and hot showers.  AWB was stationed in 12 hour shifts at the Ramona Senior Center and later at Ramona Fire Station 95, where they treated residents, firefighters and police officers.  Ramona is located directly on the fire line and many residents were, and still are, dealing with the impact of lost homes and displacement.

Last Sunday the effort in Ramona was handed over to the local acupuncturist and the team moved south.  During the past week AWB volunteers have been providing treament at the Barrett Junction Cafe in Barrett Junction and in Potrero.  This region has received very few services since the fires and the community is very much in need of treatment in this hard-hit area.  Michelle Marcotte, an acupuncturist in El Cajon, has been involved in AWB's effort in California.
She says that the residents in this area are deeply grateful for AWB's presence in their communities as so few services have been made available to them. 

The AWB team has been headed by Barbara Seymour of Solana Beach and John Convey of Los Angeles, who were both trained at AWB seminars.  Both local acupuncturists and individuals from as far away as San Francisco and Denver arrived to assist with providing treatment.Over 15 California acupuncturists provided assistance with AWB for this mobilization.

Acupuncture was also provided at Qualcomm Stadium, Gillespie Field and other locations by students and teachers from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and by acupuncturists from the Alternative Healing Network.  AWB worked with these local groups to network practitioners and provide support.  AWB officially closed operations in California on Wednesday afternoon.  Venues initiated by AWB in Ramona, Barrett Junction and Potrero will continue to be staffed by local acupucturists until they feel there is no longer a need to continue treatments.

AWB is still accepting donations to cover the costs incurred for this effort. Given the need for an immediate response, this young organization chose to move forward though there was not time to secure funds in advance. In the future, we hope to have some funds set aside so that we can securely respond to disasters as needed. Please help us build this fund.

Click here to donate for disasters

AWB's Fall Fundraising Campaign Update

In early September when we began our Fall Fundraising Campaign we needed to raise $50,000 by the 15th of October in order to continue to fund our programs.  AWB is pleased to announce the we are extremely close to meeting this goal.

Since September 1st, AWB has raised $33, 421.58!

Here are two ways you can help us raise these critical funds:

If you are a healthcare provider, a retailer or a medical student you can make a donation to AWB through Mayway Corporation and your gift will be matched.  Mayway has pledged to provide matching gifts up to $5000.00 between now and December 31, 2007.  This could provide an additional $10,000.00 for AWB, bringing our total to $43.421.58.  Click here to make your donation through Mayway

· Make a donation directly to AWB through our website or via check.  Click here to donate.
Veterans Project Update
Vets New
· Acupuncturists nationwide have been networking through AWB and creating teams to carry out long term plans for ongoing veterans' clinics.  Regular conference calls are being held to help connect acupuncturists nationwide involved in the Veterans Project and to receive support directly from AWB staff.

· The pilot veterans clinic in Albuquerque turned a year old on October 23rd and has a committed groups of veterans and their families attending each week!  The Albuquerque clinic will soon be getting an exciting new location, which will be announced in the next newsletter.
  (photo: treatment at the Albuquerque Veterans' Clinic)

·The Veterans Field Manual was completed and made available to individuals interested in starting veterans' clinics in their communities.  The manual is a 60 page document that will be continually updated as the Veterans Project progresses and develops.  Through this document, AWB has created a step-by-step guide to setting up a veterans' clinic and it includes clinical and media outreach documents.  The manual is included in the registration fee for all AWB traininees and is available for $75.00 for all non-trainees interested in opening a veterans' clinic. The manual is also useful for other types of community acupuncture field work.

· In Baltimore, 6 acupuncturists are on board to begin an ongoing veterans' clinic.   This clinic will launch on Veterans Day and will be providing weekly treatments.

· In Racine, Wisconsin, a veterans' clinic group is just starting to form and acupuncturists are beginning to speak with the local VA.

· In New York City, a group of 4-5 acupuncturists are meeting and are currently in search of a space to hold their clinic.

· In Chicago, several of the attendees of AWB's October "Healing Community Trauma" training have formed a team that has made great headway networking with local politicians and media for support of their ongoing clinic.  They plan to launch their clinic on Veterans Day.

· Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers across the country we are anticipating at least four ongoing veterans clinics will be up and running by the end of 2007 and we continue to get more interest from acupuncturists nationwide every week.  Individuals in San Diego,  Takoma Park MD, Eugene OR, Portland OR and Denver are also initiating efforts in their communities.
Veterans Day Events

With Veterans Day around the corner we are seeing things continue to take shape with the Veterans Project.  We have teams nationwide preparing to put on community acupuncture fundraising events on Veterans Day, a handful of them utilizing the event as a way to launch their ongoing veterans' clinics. 

Events are currently being planned in Racine WI, Framingham MA, Santa Clara CA and Baltimore MD as well as the locations listed below.  We are hearing about new events all the time and all events will be listed on the AWB website in the Events section.

Takoma Park, MD Veterans Day Acupuncture Event
Monday November 12th, from 10am to 5pm.
Lineage Natural Health, 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 501,Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
A group of acupuncturists from the DC area will be donating their time for reduced-fee ear acupuncture on Monday, November 12th in honor of Veterans' Day.  Anyone may come for a treatment; the suggested donation is $10. If you are a veteran or active service member we suggest a $5 donation, and if you bring a veteran or active service member we suggest $5 per person.  All are welcome! First come, first served. No appointment necessary. 
Charlotte, NC Veterans Day Acupuncture Event
Tuesday November 13th - Saturday November 17th
4423 Sharon Rd., (In the ReGenesis Building) Charlotte, NC 28211
704-366-8766 to schedule an appointment.
In honor of Veteran's Day, licensed acupuncturist (and former Naval Cryptologist) Denise Slavich is offering free 1-hour ear acupuncture stress treatments for veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, veterans from all other past conflicts or wars, and their families.  The free treatments are by appointment only.

Scottsville, NY Veterans Day Acupuncture Event
Saturday, November 10th, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Wheatland Acupuncture, 58 Main St in Scottsville
This event will coincide with the opening of a photography exhibit with images of the Iraq war by Caledonia photographer and editor of the Genesee Sun, Josh Williams.  The exhibit is featured inside the gallery Fifty Eight Main where Williams will be on hand from 4 - 7pm  to talk about his work.  Jean Dombroski will be opening her clinic on Veteran's Day for free ear acupuncture to any veteran.  Non-veterans will be treated for donation.  Proceeds will be given to the Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. in Rochester. 

Chicago Veterans Day Acupuncture Event
Sunday, November 11th, from 10am to 4pm
Healing Junction Clinic, 3322 N Ashland #2, right next to the Whole Foods.
The Healing Junction Clinic will be offering "community-style" acupuncture where all guests will be offered ear acupuncture that has been used for over 30 years to treat stress.  A donation will be requested to help Acupuncturists Without Borders, free to veterans or their families.

Mountain View California Veterans Day Acupuncture Event
Saturday November 10th
Axis Performance Center, 544 N San Antonio RD, Mountain View, CA  94040
Natalie Miner - 650-229-1100
2 group sessions (6 people per session) in quiet waiting area. Sign up lists available at the front desk of Axis.  Information has been posted in the Axis newsletter.  Treatments are free for Veterans and members of their families, for others - $20.00.

Upcoming Trainings

CA Firefighter
Treatment of a North County, CA firefighter

AWB trained individuals in California recently had the opportunity to step forward and put their knowledge into practice.  In the last two weeks these team leaders and AWB have seen the power and the impact that this simple and effective training can have.  We encourage you to attend an AWB training in your area, so that you will be trained to work with AWB to serve your community in a time of need.

Upcoming Trainings:

Portland, Maine: November 17-18th - Registration is Open!

Miami, Florida:
January 26-27th, 2008 - Registration will be opening soon!

Phoenix, Arizona:
April 19-20th, 2008

In 2008 we will be offering a total of four trainings. Two more locations, in addition to those above, will be announced soon.

Click here for more information about our trainings.

A word from New Orleans Team Leader, and Portland, Maine, acupuncturist Susan Reed:

Do you remember the Great Ice Storm of a few years ago? As I remember it, here in Maine, we had 5,000 miles of downed power lines, and power company crews converged on Maine from as far away as Hawaii to help us. For crews from southern climates, LL Bean provided warm clothes and gear to the workers. Along every road in the state there were signs thanking crews for their help, and places like MacDonalds and Dunkin Donuts and Burger King gave them free coffee and eats to keep 'em going. Many, many of our neighbors had to live in public shelters to stay warm until the power came back on. Those electric company technicians worked 16 or more hours a day to help us out.

If Acupuncturists Without Borders had been around at that time, we might have set up free clinics to treat the power company workers who were giving so much, the health care workers, fire department and police workers who were also helping to keep things healthy, safe and organized. We might have been able to send teams directly to shelters - gymnasiums packed with families trying to stay calm and find a way to sleep in crowded, uncomfortable circumstances.

But, we weren't organized for such things here in New England then, and we aren't now.
My experience in New Orleans has convinced me of the need for our profession to be prepared to act for the good of the public - our families, friends and neighbors - who license us to make our livings among them. The simplicity and power of the medicine we practice has a real place in the professional health care system's response to crises like those storms, as well as to the brokenness of some of the warriors returning from Iraq and their stressed out families. The needs are potentially great.

With all this in mind, I am writing to urge all of you to attend the Acupuncturists Without Borders training next month: November 17 & 18. Attending the training doesn't obligate you to do anything, but it can give you more tools to use, to be of even greater help in your community than you already are. What you'll get besides that are some CEU's, including the required four hours of ethics needed for NCCAOM certification; and the opportunity to meet and connect with other practitioners from the Northeast with similar interests. We hope that groups may begin to organize to carry the work of AWB forward in their own locales.
How You Can Help Now

Do some holiday shopping, donate unwanted equipment, offer your skills or make a donation that will be matched by one of our supporters in the acupuncture community.  These are only a few of the ways that you can help AWB to grow and survive!

Shop AWB
· Make your holiday gift giving easy by purchasing AWB merchandise for everyone on your list.  You'll be helping to spread the word about AWB and 25% of your purchase goes directly to support our work.  Shop today for t-shirts, mugs, journals and tote bags.  Click here for AWB gift items

· Here's the latest AWB Wishlist!
          - Video savvy individuals who can edit short film pieces for AWB
          - A portable printer
          - A wireless sound kit with lapel microphone and wireless handheld microphone
          - Donations to help us reimburse our California Team Leaders for supply, postage and
            printing expenses and offset AWB's operating costs for the California effort
            Donate Now!

In the spirit of service,

Diana Fried, Executive Director
and the Acupuncturists Without Borders Team

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