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AWB Newsletter 12-2007

Acupuncturists Without Borders
December, 2007
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Year End Report
California Effort
Veterans Update
Upcoming Trainings
Farewell to Diane
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In the Spirit of Winter
As the season pulls us down...down...down...toward the source, the roots, the place where the sap waits and rests until it is time to move upward the season moves us, let us be moved by the season, with least resistance possible. Winter is the time of the Water Element. The season of rest, of regeneration of our resources...going into the depths, the unknown, the time of the mystery of mystery itself...let us allow this time which can yield great creativity, to hover within what is not yet known, to touch into the seeds not yet ready to sprout, to find our courage within the unknown...Let this time be one of stillness, and movement within the stillness...allowing both courage and fear to arise and guide us. It is within this spirit of Winter that we wish you all peace and a meaningful holiday season...

Diana Fried and the AWB Team
AWB Year End Report
Thanks to you, Acupuncturists Without Borders has grown and flourished.   During these challenging times, you and all the supporters of Acupuncturists Without Borders across the country have helped to interrupt the cycles of unresolved trauma, bringing hope and healing to thousands.

Your support has made Acupuncturists Without Borders one of the premier forces for training, organizing, and mobilizing volunteer acupuncturists across the country.  These are the acupuncturists who have been and are willing to be called up to respond to disasters, and these are the acupuncturists who are busy organizing clinics to help veterans in cities and towns nationwide.  From our experiences serving after Hurricane Katrina, during the California wildfires, and in our pilot Veterans Clinic in Albuquerque, we know that our volunteers can provide immediate relief and recovery from the trauma of disaster and human conflict.

Click here to read the AWB 2007 Year End Report

I ask you to give generously so that we can continue to help.  Your support is crucial - it allows Acupuncturist Without Borders to transform our experience, knowledge, and expertise into compassion-in-action and bring healing to so many communities.

Here's how you can help this December:

If you are a health care provider, medical student or retailer you can make a donation for the AWB Veterans Project through Mayway and your donation will be matched 100%.  There is still $2400 in matched donation dollars available between now and December 31st. 
Click here to donate to the Veterans Project through Mayway.

All other donors can donate directly to AWB and their donations will be matched 100% by a generous donor who has initiated the AWB 2008 Resource Challenge Fund.  This donor has agreed to match donations up to $10,000 between now and December 31st.
Click here to donate to the AWB 2008 Resource Challenge Fund

May there be healing and peace worldwide,
Diana Fried, Executive Director, Acupuncturists Without Borders
Testimonials and Photos from the California Effort
                               Three women receiving treatment
                               Women receiving treatment in border towns south of San Diego.

"Would highly recommend this for a disaster assist treatment. Red Cross gave me water, food and blankets. Acupuncture gave me peace and relief of the stress of all this chaos."
Ramona Withch Fire Victim
Ramona Senior Center Sunday 10-28-07

                                CA destruction
                                Fire destruction in border towns south of San Diego.
"It's hard to put all the stress of the last week behind me sometimes...Nothing  was 'life as usual'. The treatments helped my palpitations and stress level come down, and kept me calmer today (after 1st treatment last night) then I'd been all week. It was better and safer than a glass of wine or medication. I believe in breathing, prayer ad now acupuncture during times of stress as well.
Ramona, CA
Ramona Senior Center Sunday 10-28-07

                                             CA AWB vol and Red Cross
                                             Treating the Red Cross at the Barrett Junction Cafe.
"Muchas gracias por toda la ayuda, me sentia con mucho ansiedad, pero despues me senti relagada y con sueno que nesesitaba descansar"
Ramona, CA
                                  CA dad and daughter
                                  Residents receiving treatment in So. California.
AWB Receives Support of Four Star General

             General's Letter
In The News

AWB recently received some major coverage in the press.  Read on!

Clinic offers help for vets feeling on pins and needles
The Chicago Tribune
By Tina Shah,0,3057419.story

War and Peace of Mind at 58
The Genesse Sun
By Audra Conway

Important articles on the situation in New Orleans:

Many Children Struggling After '05 Storms
The New York Times
By Leslie Eaton

HUD Sends New Orleans Bulldozers and $400,00 Apartments for the Holidays
By Bill Quigley

Upcoming AWB Trainings
Sarah Sailing
Exec. Assistant Sarah Tewhey sailing her way to Miami.

If you sometimes suffer from the winter blues, head to Miami in January to catch some sun and train with Diana Fried at the Miami AWB Healing Community Trauma Training.  This weekend training is CEU approved and will be held at The Acupuncture and Massage College.  Early Bird registration rates are still available, but will be ending soon!

2008 Training Schedule:
Miami, Florida: January 26-27 - Registration is Open!  Early Bird rates still available
Phoenix, Arizona: April 19-20 - Registration opening soon.
Also coming up in 2008: New York and Southern California

Click here to register for trainings!
We Love You Diane!
Julia, Diana, Diane - Chicago (left: Julia Raneri, Diana Fried and Diane Eggleston at the Chicago training)

It is with sadness and a great deal of gratitude for her work that we announce that Diane Eggleston will no longer be working with AWB as of December 21st.

Diane has been a central part of the start-up of this organization, and had worked tirelessly as a volunteer and then a paid staff member to see this dream come alive. With her big heart and love of people, she has helped AWB do a field program in New Orleans, develop a national volunteer program, run national trainings, respond to the California fires, and much more.

Diane receives an honorary lifetime membership to AWB for her outstanding service and will continue to volunteer in the future by working with the Veterans Project in Phoenix.

We will always appreciate everything she has contributed, and if we had a building we'd put up a big plaque in her honor as a founding partner in this dream. We wish Diane the very best in her next life ventures, and we hope we will always be in touch.
In the spirit of service,
Diana Fried, Executive Director
and the Acupuncturists Without Borders Team

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