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AWB Newsletter 12-2008
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Acupuncturists Without Borders December 2008
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"Hear the bugle call of who you are. Hear the deep call and invitation to live that. And let yourself not know how, but don't stuff it in a closet because you don't know how, live the don't know how. Walk into work not knowing how. Greet the clerk at the grocery store with 'I don't know how.' It's the willingness that opens the door to the complete takeover." ~ Henry Miller
AWB News
Winter 2008
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To find out more about how you can help or become more involved with AWB feel free to contact us at (505) 266-3878 or email us at
Year End Summary

NY 08 training New Members

New Members who joined at the
New York (Left) and Los Angeles (Below)  trainings  in 2008
LA Training New Members 08

We have grown considerably since our New Orleans Relief and Recovery program, and we are now further building the foundation to take AWB to another level.

FamilyWe were able respond to the California Wildfires last fall with hundreds of treatments in outlying areas to people that were not being served the way people were closer to San Diego. Our volunteers went out to border towns, and served communities hard hit with few resources. Many of these were primarily Latino communities.
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Family treated at Jefferson Parish Shelter, New Orleans, LA

Veterans Day Events and Beyond

In all there were 20 Community Acupuncture Fundraising Events held throughout the country in honor of Veterans Day and as a way of raising funding and awareness for the National Veterans Project.
Thank you to all who volunteered their time, energy and resources to this effort.

We hope everyone receiving this newsletter will consider holding an event in honor of Earth Day  this spring as we invite everyone to "Recycle your Energy!" with a community acupuncture treatment!

We will have an updated Community Acupuncture Event Kit available by the end of January for those who wish to participate.

Contact AWB with a few sentences about your interest in holding an event and we will get back to you when the kit is ready!

Dear Diana and AWB,

"As president of the Board of Directors of Community Development Institute, whose mission is "to inspire people and communities to generate their own transformation," I am pleased to inform you that we have approved a grant to AWB.  The grant is for 18,000 the first year and 12,000 the second year beginning January 1, 2009, to be paid out in monthly installments at the first of each month.  The funds may be used for general operations supporting your projects for disaster relief and veteran's free clinics.  I cannot think of a better way for our funds to be used at this time to heal individual, family and community trauma and thus our country's deeply divided spirit.  We feel privileged to be able to partner with you in this way."

Sincerely, Carolyn Miller

In addition to the above  mentioned grant, AWB has received two other grants within the past 4 months, both from small private foundations, in the amounts of $7,500(second year grant), and $15,000.

First grant received for a local Veterans Clinic - Veterans Acupuncture Care in Framingham, MA and AWB have been awarded a $5000 grant from Tufts Health Care Foundation.
Voices from the field...

"I've been in acupuncture for eight years, and I have found it to be wonderfully gratifying to be able to affect patients' physical and emotional pain.  But nothing I have done in those years compares to the satisfaction I experience every week treating my vets for their post combat stress.

When these men and women first started coming, (all Vietnam era soldiers) they were guarded at best, some obviously still traumatized, some quite disheveled and wanting to be alone in a treatment room rather than with the others.  As the weeks passed, I saw a beautiful transformation in every one of them.  Their appearance improved, the loners started joining

California Wildfires relief effort 07 the others, quietly at first and then finally participating fully.  I tried to make it a quiet, relaxing experience for them, but this group would have none of it.  They are boisterous, energetic, they share their experiences and humor, and some have since been able to participate in other forms of emotional healing, fully recalling war experiences that til now were fully repressed.  The energy freed from repressing the memory is now expressing in joy rather than depression.  I continue to see profound change in every one of them."

Ellen Leonard, L.Ac., Grants Pass, Oregon

Dear Colleagues,
"A quick follow up on our July correspondences:
The Big Sur wildfire relief clinic was a huge success. We averaged 20 patients per three hour shift until the service was discontinued last month.
Another fire started around that time and took off, finally being fully contained at over 16,000 acres today.
The threat of mudslides is massive on burned slopes. Many steep slopes burned to the highway and several homes are at risk.
The Big Sur Health Center director has decided to allocate a small stipend, as well as the use of their community room to the acupuncture program, which we plan to resume November 11th. She was impressed by the overwhelming, positive response of the community.
The Acupuncturists Without Borders field manual was a wonderful support. Thank you! "
George Samuel
AWB Welcomes New Board Member

Stehanie GeorgieffStephanie Georgieff resides and practices in Southern California. She received her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional  Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. In addition to her Acupuncture Practice, she teaches natural medicine, herbs and nutrition at local community colleges and nursing programs. Active in the Peace, Justice and Environmental movement for years, Stephanie incorporates these concepts into her public speaking and writing endeavors. She hosted a call in radio talk show, entitled Green Medicine, and continues to write in local and national publications, as well as her personal Blog at, on practicing medicine in harmony with nature and with justice to the human community as a whole.

Upcoming CEU Training Schedule

Albuquerque, NM
January 17-18, 2009
Southwest Acupuncture College
Space Still Available  - Register Now

Orlando, FL
February 28-March 1, 2009
Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Santa Cruz, CA

April 4-5, 2009
Five Branches University
In Closing

            California Wildfires Car Wreckage
Out of every tragedy arises the opportunity to heal ourselves and the world, cultivating compassion within ourselves, and spreading that to every living being. In the three plus years since AWB's formation, with your help, we've been able to offer thousands of treatments for people suffering the
devastating effects of acute stress, post-combat stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

One dollar offered to AWB is one dollar invested in the healing of the world.

     2 happy ladies getting treatment in Louisiana

In the spirit of service,

Diana Fried, Executive Director
and the AWB Staff

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To Our Supporters!
Thanks to all who have donated or joined AWB as members.  Schools, businesses, state acupuncture associations and individuals all make a difference by pledging their support to AWB as we pursue our mission to bring relief and recovery to populations in need. 

AWB is only able to provide its services through your generosity!
2008 Year End Fundraising Campaign
In tough economic times it is heartwarming to know that our community is still willing to give to support the work of AWB in the world. 
You may have received our year end fundraising letter in your mailbox or through your email and we have been seeing the generous donations begin to come in response.
If you would like to help us raise the bar for the total response to this years campaign you can Donate Now and/or Become a Member of AWB to keep the spirit of service alive and well in the acupuncture community!

Amount raised so far in our 2008 Year End campaign:


Help us reach $10,000.00
and we can provide relief and recovery to 1000 veterans, survivors and relief workers around the country.
Veterans Project
New Clinics opening Regularly

Clinic Spotlight
Ithaca Veterans Acupuncture Clinic

225 South Fulton St.

Ithaca Free Clinic

Every Tuesday from 5-7pm - please arrive either at 5pm or 6pm

Free Clinic directions: 607-330-1253

Information: Abigail Thomas-Costello 607-274-7520

Click Here to make a donation to the Veterans Project

(be sure to write "Vets Project Donation" in the Notes field so we can earmark your donation appropriately!)
Donate Now to the Disaster Ready Fund!*
$100 will allow 10 survivors or emergency responders in  a disaster to receive acupuncture that may help save their lives or help them save the lives of others.

* be sure to write "Disaster Ready Fund" in the notes field in Paypal to earmark your donation.
Training Scholarship Granted
Supported by donations of previous trainees, AWB was able to award a scholarship to Renee Barsa to come to the Los Angeles training. Renee lost her home and all her belongings in the Montecito Tea House Fire in California this fall.
AWB Wish List
-Garmin GPS
-Frequent Flier tickets for Field Volunteers  (enough miles for a full ticket)
-Portable printer
-Laminating Machine
-Paper folding machine
-Printing services
-Office chairs
-Desktop Computer
-3 Monitors, Keyboards and Mice
-Office supplies
-Sturdy luggage
-Databasing services
AWB Behind the Scenes

Galveston, TX

AWB has been supporting a local effort in Galveston, Texas, led by Claudia McCalla, to support those who suffered the devastation from Hurricane Ike. Claudia was given a scholarship to attend an AWB training, and is now running a clinic at the William Temple Episcopal Center in Galveston. If you are in the area and would like to be in contact with Claudia about her efforts, please email us at

Houma, LA
NOLA Volunteer Quang Huynh and his colleague worked independently to provide relief treatments for those affected by hurricane Gustav in Houma, LA. 
AWB was able to provide 5000 Needles and 600 ear seeds to support their efforts.
Shop to Support
Shop your favorite online stores and a percentage will be donated to AWB.

Go to, click on Shop Now, type in Acupuncturists Without Borders in the appropriate box, and shop at many of your favorite stores (, Target, Petsmart and many, many more). 

We are registered as one of the recipient nonprofit organizations.
Become an AWB Member Today!

Jing Level - $100 for one year, $50 for students
The root and foundation of our membership

Qi Level - Recurring monthly payment equal to one hour of your services ($40, $60, $80 or $100) for the duration of 6 or 12 months
Sustaining, ongoing nourishment for the organization

Shen Level - Corporate sponsorship of minimum of $500 for one year.  With sponsorship of $1,000 or
your organization will receive a hotlink on the AWB website for one year
The transformative level allowing expansion into the wider community

See the website for more information or to join AWB in its mission to bring acupuncture relief and recovery services to global communities in need!

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