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AWB Newsletter December 30, 2006

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Acupuncturists Without Borders
December 30, 2006
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Photo - AWB Volunteers Caterina Di Palma (on left) (NM), and Serena Sundaram (WA) cooking a meal for Common Ground Free Medical Clinic volunteers in New Orleans

Update: $7,375.00 raised so far in Year End Campaign.

AWB fiscal year-end financial reports are available upon request (

I hope you have had the opportunity to read the extraordinary stories of some of our volunteers. The commitment of so many to create our organization, and to serve those in need with such a uniquely powerful form of healing, serves as inspiration to all of us this holiday season. Please consider supporting these efforts. A heartfelt thank you if you have already sent in your contribution.

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Upcoming AWB Trainings

Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 12 -14) and Boulder, Colorado (February 23-25). See below for more information.


Week of February 18th: Hold a Community Acupuncture Event for Chinese New Year and/or Mardi Gras with donations to AWB

AWB will provide materials - promote your practice and support AWB
For more information:


(Photo - Laura Wolf (NM) (on left), and Sue Pollard (NM), AWB Volunteers running the Veterans Project in Albuquerque)

Greetings AWB comrades. I came across the excerpt below this afternoon and I was reminded why I made the decision to remain involved with AWB. As I experience time challenges, priority difficulties, personal and business responsibilities, obligations and delights, I shall try to keep in the forefront of my mind why AWB is important to me. The rush of elation, joy, fulfillment that I experienced in New Orleans; the overwhelming gratitude, appreciation, and unconditional love that was bestowed upon me as I did my "job" there; the feeling of true, spiritual connection with all those I came in contact with - all of this, and more, are reasons why I do what I do. As I remind myself of these experiences, as I allow myself to once again remember, and more importantly, feel what that was like, I am encouraged and motivated once again to do all I can, in the time and manner that I can, to help make the vision of AWB a greater manifestation on this planet. I hope you enjoy this excerpt too.

The Moments of High Resolve
from For The Inward Journey by Howard Thurman

Keep fresh before me
the moments of my high resolve.

Despite the dullness and barrenness of the days that pass, if I search with due diligence, I can always find a deposit left by some former radiance. But I had forgotten. At the time it was full-orbed, glorious, and resplendent. I was sure that I would never forget. In the moment of its fullness, I was sure that it would illumine my path for all the rest of my journey. I had forgotten how easy it is to forget.

There was no intent to betray what seemed so sure at the time. My response was whole, clean, authentic. But little by little, there crept into my life the dust and grit of the journey. Details, lower-level demands, all kinds of cross currents -- nothing momentous, nothing overwhelming, nothing flagrant -- just wear and tear. If there had been some direct challenge -- a clear-cut issue -- I would have fought it to the end, and beyond.

In the quietness of this place, surrounded by the all-pervading Presence of God, my heart whispers: Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed.

Keep fresh before me
the moments of my high resolve.


Sue Pollard
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Albuquerque, New Mexico

AWB Community-Style Acupuncture Leadership Training: Disaster and Trauma Relief

Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 12 - 14

Introduction (6 CEU's), Weekend (16 CEU's)

Topics include:
• What is Acupuncturists Without Borders?
• The Basics: Setting Up Mobile Community Acupuncture Clinics
• People in Crisis—how do you respond?
• Acute Traumatic Stress Management: What is it & what do you do?
• Self-care protocol in the field
• The role of a Qigong Practice
• Emergency and Safety Protocols
• Team Member & Leadership skill training
• Effective Team Management
• Media Training - how to write a press release, how to talk to reporters and more

Cost: $90.00 for those who want to come for the first 6-hour section, and $240.00 for the whole weekend. We will offer a 30% discount to AWB volunteers. See registration form for payment information. Space may be limited, so early payment is recommended.

Contact Diane Eggleston, 520-840-0557, for registration information, plus more details.

(Photo - AWB Volunteer Connie Sharirli treating at Camp Hope in New Orleans)

Our very big thanks to all the wonderful acupuncturists who dove in and put on community acupuncture events over the past few months (and I hope I haven’t left out anyone, but let me know if I have):

TOTAL RAISED: $11,172.00

Katrina Anniversary Events

Southwest Acupuncture College/Boulder Students’ Event
Kathy Addison and Jennifer Langdon, Center for Contemporary Healing Arts, Wilmington, NC
Diane Eggleston, Apache Junction, AZ
Joanne Fanucchi, Concord, CA
Beth Ellen Fried, La Paz Centre for the Art of Medicine, Santa Monica, CA
Patricia Kramer, Baltimore, MD
Laurie Martin and Toby Daly, Traditional Healing Arts Center, Cloverdale, CA
Bonnie McLean, Pensacola, FL
Nancy Ann Miller, Arlington, VA
Downeast Acupuncture Events (and Mary Chaney / Susan Reed), ME
Shaune Ralph, Topsfield, MA
Sandy River, Farmington, ME
Bella Rosner, Newtonville, MA
April Schulte and Sara Beckner, Grand Junction, CO
Penny Warren Todd, Crofton Acupuncture and Wellness, Crofton, MD
White Crane Healing Arts Anniversary Event, Tamarac, FL
Kim Paquette and Kim Lisenbee, Athens, GA
Isobeau Trybula, Brooklyn, NY

AOM Day Events

Community Acupuncture of St. Louis
East-West Healing Arts, Crownsville, MD
Mary Chaney and Susan Reed, Portland, ME
Karen Kisslinger, Millerton, NY
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, OR
Red Bird Acupuncture, Rockland, ME
Sandy River, Farmington, ME
TAI Sophia, Maryland
Marilyn Yohe, Somerville MA

Other Fundraisers

Karen Adams "A Taste of Mardi Gras", Turners Falls, MA
Jane Burch-Pesses Farmers Market Booth, Forest Grove, OR
Jennie Kjos Community Acupuncture Booths, Portland, OR
PCOM Symposium Donations

We again want to send a huge, huge thanks to all the volunteers who have taken the time and the expense to go to New Orleans with AWB. Your generosity and service gives many times over, and will continue to change the world. Please click on this article so see a list of all Louisana volunteers.

Thank you from all of us at Acupuncturists Without Borders and my warmest wishes for peace and happiness.


Diana Fried
Acupuncturists Without Borders

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