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AWB Newsletter 6-17-2007
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June 17, 2007
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 Dear Dean,

                                          May, 2007 - New Orleans 9th Ward

In early May the AWB Board of Directors and several volunteers traveled to New Orleans for the first time in six months to attend the AAAOM conference, hold their Board of Directors meeting and offer treatments and ear bead training to the people of New Orleans.  The week was a huge success.  Our time there brought the people at the heart of AWB together in the birthplace of the organization, put them in contact with the acupuncture community nationwide  and put the organization back in touch with the incredible people of New Orleans. 

As I was helping to organize the free clinics and the training that AWB held I was in contact with many residents and relief organizations and what I heard over and over again was how happy people were to hear that we were coming back, if only for a week.  The clinics and trainings were attended by representatives from the United Way, Catholic Charities, FEMA and other organizations and we are excited at the prospect that these individuals will bring their new skills back to the populations they work with.

Word apparently got around that AWB was back in New Orleans, and even now, a month later I am receiving weekly phone calls from residents asking when the "next" clinics will be happening this summer.  I am happy to hear their support and enthusiasm and I deeply hope that we can raise enough money to continue doing trainings for this population, thereby helping to transfer some skills to the local community to help with their healing.  Almost two years later, the storm is long over for most of us, but the people of New Orleans are still fighting for recovery every single day...and doing it with a strength and a resiliency that should make us all proud.

In the spirit of service,
Sarah Tewhey
Executive Assistant

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Pat Flood (WA), Penny Cariffe (CA), Chris Haskell (GA)  Diana Fried (NM), well-outfitted in New Orleans.

AWB's Week in New Orleans - An Update from Pat Flood

The AWB Board of Directors began their recent journey into the city of New Orleans on Tuesday, May 8th.  Founder and Executive Director Diana Fried joined with Board Member Pat Flood (Port Angeles, WA) and AWB volunteer Chris Haskell (Atlanta, GA) to participate in a filming of an AWB Community Relief Clinic for the Hallmark Channels' show, New Morning.  Filming took place at St Anna's Episcopal Church, which also served as one of our regular venues during our Disaster Relief Service time in the city.  Before the day was over,  Sandra the Producer and Steve our local Sound man both received an Acupuncture treatment which left them more aware of the power of Acupuncture and the positive impact it has had on the nearly 8,000 New Orleans residents who have been treated by 80 dedicated volunteers.  In that less than a 2  hour clinic we treated 20 residents.  We will announce when the show airs.  Don't worry if you miss it, the 5 minute piece will be available on the Hallmark networks website in about two months
Click Here for the rest of Pat's Update

      The AWB Board
The AWB Board and Friends in New Orleans.

The Veteran's Program Gains Momentum!

Ahh....the spring winds are here!  Upon the spring winds the word of our Vets Acupuncture Clinic is
blowing through the VA's counselor's offices!  Our Vets clinic continues to grow and each week we are
getting a few new people.  According to one new person an 8 x 10 flyer of our Vets clinic is hanging
up on wall in the VA counselors office!  All of the new people have said that different people at the
VA are referring them and passing out our information.  This a giant leap forward!

I'd like to share the following testimonial from one of our veterans:
Raul's Story
April 16, 2007
My name is Raul and I'd like to let you know how acupuncture has benefited me.

First a little about myself, I served two tours in combat in Vietnam from 1968-1970.  I suffer
with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I'm 100% disabled because of PTSD.
symptomatology from PTSD is wide in range.  I have high anxiety, easily angered.  I have a
hard time sleeping with nightmares and flashbacks and I'm always mind-racing.  I had a hard
time relaxing.

I was introduced to acupuncture from another combat friend of mine.  I've been receiving
treatment once a week for about the last two and half months now.

I believe that because of the acupuncture treatments I have become calmer and my anxiety
level has drastically come down.  I'm able to sleep more restfully and longer and without
nightmares or flashbacks.  My mind-racing is definitely not as bad.  I now feel that I can sit and
kickback and relax without feeling anxious.

I attribute my changes to the acupuncture treatments I've received.  I can say that acupuncture
works.  It does for me.  Thanks!

Wow!  This is what it's all about! Each week we are continuing to get new veterans who have heard
about us through the VA hospital and other sources.  We have also been treating Veterans who are
nurses and technicians at the VA hospital, including one who works in the Emergency Room there.
One of our Vietnam vets is really getting the word out to where he goes for counseling.  This makes
me really think about how the Vietnam vets who are loving the treatments can really show the way for
the newer vets so that the new vets get help sooner and suffer less when coming back home

Laura Wolf, DOM
Veterans Program Coordinator


Receiving treatment at the Albuquerque Veterans Clinic.


We are looking for Vets who have experienced acupuncture and found it helpful and will help us spread the word to other Veterans.  We are looking to form a Veteran's advisory board for this program so that we can have a panel of experts with direct experience to help us make this program the best it can be.
For more information click here.
Or email

Veterans Project Email List

We have a separate email list for those who want to receive notices in particular about this project, especially for those who want to open veterans clinics. If you have not received any emails from Laura Wolf regarding this project, you may need to check your spam blocker, or add to your Safe List. If you would like to be added to this email list please let us know by emailing

Sharing space at the Boston Training

Upcoming Trainings

AWB Leadership Trainings: Distaster and Trauma Relief
CEU's, NCCAOM approved, including 4 for Ethics/Safety requirement
  • Columbia, Maryland (July 13-15) - 17 CEU's
  • Portland, Oregon (September 15-16) - 15 CEU's
  • Chicago, Illinois (Oct. 13-14) - 15 CEU's
  • Portland, Maine (November 17-18) - 15 CEU's
  • Upcoming in 2008 - Florida, Phoenix, Southern California and New York!
  • Click Here for Training Info. or email

Wish and Found List

: We are happy to announce that we have a Treasurer for our Board - we welcome our newest Board member, Margaret Russell, CPA.

From Board Chair Mary Chaney:  As a CPA, Meg is the first non-acupuncturist to join our board. Her broader perspective on issues will serve us well.  She says it's not like any board she has ever been on (which we have taken to be a compliment) and she is settling in pretty well. Meg even did a brief tutorial for us on the yin and yang of balance statements. She told us that she planned to learn more about what we do than we will ever learn about what she does.  That's a safe bet! However, we plan to learn everything we need to from her to move AWB to the next level of organizational development and financial stability.

FOUND: Laura Wolf (NM) is our new National Veterans Project Coordinator. YAY!!! She is volunteering her time until we can raise the money to pay her, and she is doing an awesome job already!

FOUND: Big thanks go to Laura Belden (MD) for generously donating a Powerpoint projector, land line phone and answering maching, fax machine, and laptop computer!

FOUND: AWB finally has found a new webamster.  We welcome Dean Johnson to the AWB team!

We are still seeking:

Volunteer Grantwriters and other fundraiser types

Lapel and wireless microphone and speakers (portable)

Desktop computer

Portable printer

Please email with your "found" items!


If you would like to receive our newsletter less frequently, we will be introducing a quarterly edition. Please email and let us know that you want to change to the Quarterly Edition, and we will take care of that.

Diana Fried, Executive Director
Acupuncturists Without Borders

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