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AWB News 6-2013
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AWB Member News - June 2013
Dear Diana,
Nepal 2013 by Randi Savage
AWB Member Nelly Yefet treating a local villager from Samar, Mustang, Nepal- May 2013 AWB World Healing Exchange trip 
Photo Credit: Randi Savage

We hope the beginning of summer finds you healthy and energetic! AWB is renewing its quarterly member newsletters and hopes that you will find them helpful as you work with patients, colleagues, and acupuncture service projects in your communities. If you are not yet a member of AWB we invite you to join and hope that you will enjoy this copy of the AWB Member News.  


We would like to extend our deep gratitude to all current AWB members. Your member dues, donations, and service make it possible for AWB to provide direct services and train acupuncturists throughout the U.S. and globally, to reduce trauma among people who experience natural disaster, poverty, violence and war. Thank you!


YOU inspire us! You make the difference in your community. AWB would like to support your service work, whether it's disaster response work, creation of a community service or veteran's clinic, or other trauma-reduction projects. Please don't hesitate to call or write if you need assistance. If you would like to include stories of your inspirational work in future newsletters, please let us know!


In Gratitude for Your Service!


Carla Cassler, DAOM, LAc

Director of Development and U.S. Programs



Oklahoma Tornado Relief Effort
Curbside Ear Acupuncture - Moore, Oklahoma



Kelley Wyskiel, an AWB-trained acupuncturist, has organized an acupuncture response to the devastating tornados that tore through Oklahoma City suburbs last month. The tornados caused 44 deaths, damaged or destroyed 13,000 homes and affected 33,000 people. Total property damage is estimated at $2 billion. Kelly and her amazing team have provided treatments non-stop since May 27th. Here is an update from Kelly as of June 3rd:


"It's been an emotionally moving weekend seeing the relief wash over the faces of our Moore Oklahoma community. SO MANY CHILDREN! Parents bring them, they bring back parents, they come in scared and walk away with a smile, then come back later for another treatment. We even treated dogs. It will be so very bittersweet leaving the community after Wednesday. I feel so connected to everyone. Exhausted, we're running 13 hours straight and have hit storms, wind, cold and sun burning afternoons. And we are doing this with a team of 2 or 3 volunteers. The volunteer teams that have been with us are so appreciated and made a bigger impact than they realize..."


"Many from the neighborhoods that walk in to our area are from the neighborhoods where they were first treated in a pile of debris by our teams that walked through to offer treatments. We are so very grateful for the selfless time and emotional strength they gave to everyone.  AWB has led us with outpouring donations for supplies and advice and people, and wow, I'm so glad I invested myself to train for trauma recovery with them."

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Celia AWB Member Profile: Celia Hildebrand
Celia Hildebrand - IRC


Celia Hildebrand, M.Ac., a long-time AWB member, trainer and volunteer, lives and works in Tucson, Arizona. She has worked in the fields of health care delivery, strategic planning, community development, and health project financing with Native American tribes of the Southwest for more than 25 years. She maintains a small clinical practice in Tucson as well as an active consulting business, and will graduate in August 2013 with a Doctorate of Asian and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.


In April 2013, Celia organized and inaugurated the newest of AWB's community clinics in a pilot project with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an international non-profit devoted to the resettlement of refugees. The IRC works with refugee communities that have experienced trauma from political conflict, natural disaster, torture, and war. It offers individual, family and group counseling, yoga, gardening, and expressive arts as ways to reduce stress and trauma. The IRC welcomes acupuncture as a powerful tool that can reinforce the recovery and resilience of trauma survivors.


Celia and her team now provide trauma-reduction treatments to refugees from Syria, Iran, and Somalia every week at the IRC office in Tucson. This pilot program utilizes AWB's Military Stress Recovery Project clinic model for a different type of trauma-impacted community with its own special needs. The AWB/IRC program is an example of the Community Service Clinic Program that AWB hopes to develop across the U.S. - a program that will help reduce trauma and empower diverse groups including refugees, domestic abuse and sexual violence survivors, and economically underserved communities.  Here are excerpts from Celia's reports on the AWB/IRC project:


"The project is going well. We have two AWB-trained acupuncturists who are also on faculty at the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine working with me: Susan Wagner and Jennifer Sandoval. Our clinic runs approximately 1.5 hours eachFriday... One of the challenges we immediately faced was how to work with Muslim women wearing head scarves who were unwilling to take them off or expose their ears in front of men (for religious and modesty purposes). This was quickly solved by using a mobile white board to separate the genders."


"They have been through so much, the acupuncture is giving them time to gather as women to rest, and get hands-on treatment. Most of them are not interested in seeing the western medical doctors...These folk are victims of torture and abuse and in some cases it is almost impossible (for them) to sit comfortably for more than 20 - 30 minutes. Backs and necks are their worse problems.We are eager to expand to Phoenix as soon as we can line up two or more volunteers. The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture has expressed interest in helping us further

IRC Phonot Arizona
Women clients of the AWB/IRC trauma treatment program 
photo by: Celia Hildebrand
develop this clinic. And we expect that in the coming months IRC staff and AWB volunteers will develop cultural competency training for other volunteers across the country, as other clinics will be built upon our Arizona pilot projects."


AWB extends deep thanks to Celia for her vision, leadership and commitment to service, and will support this and other projects like it in the coming year!





  • JUST BACK FROM NEPAL:  AWB recently completed a World Healing Exchange trip to the Mustang Kingdom in Nepal, training dozens of health workers to provide treatments at health camps and for women and children survivors of sex-trafficking.
  • HAITI UPDATE:  In February, AWB provided advanced trauma treatment training (and hundreds of treatments) in Haiti, where poverty and devastation from the 2010 earthquake continue to deeply affect the lives of its people. AWB trained 35 health workers who will provide ongoing treatments in urban and rural Haitian communities in collaboration with local health organizations.
  • ON THE WAY TO MONGOLIA:  In mid-June, three AWB volunteers will travel to Ulan-Bataar to provide follow-up training to the 2010 World Healing Exchange Mongolia trip.  They will be training approximately 80 doctors and acupuncturists in Mongolia's National Centre for Mental Health. Training will focus on how to use acupuncture in community clinics for treatment of alcoholism and stress, a huge public health problem affecting up to 60 percent of the adult Mongolian population.
  • THE MILITARY STRESS RECOVERY PROJECT-COMMUNITY SERVICE CLINIC PROGRAM: New clinics offering acupuncture to diverse groups including veterans, elders and economically challenged communities have recently opened in Asheville, NC; Oakland, CA, and New York City. (See AWB website: Two MSRP prototype clinics started in Albuquerque this year, coordinated by Terrie Harris, DOM: A "mobile" clinic at Kirtland Air force Base that provides treatments to active military personnel, and The Albuquerque Female Veterans Clinic which offers treatments to women veterans who experience PTSD related to combat and military sexual trauma. New clinics are in the process of opening in Chino CA; Los Angeles, CA: Anchorage, Alaska; and Chicago, Illinois. See the article on AWB's MSRP clinic program in Acupuncture Today: 



Inspiration in the Field: THE MEDICAL RESERVE     CORPS (MRC)
By Renee Barsa, LAc



Renee Barsa AWB-MRC Organizer
For years, I prayed for guidance for direction on my path in life. Working in private practice in southern California as a licensed acupuncturist, I felt there was more I needed to be doing in the world. Four and a half years ago, the answer to my prayers came in the form of a wildfire that destroyed everything I owned and trapped me within an inch of my life. The acute trauma I experienced in the days and weeks that followed allowed me to experience firsthand the tremendous healing power of the NADA protocol, and truly understand the devastating impact of PTSD. Diana Fried of AWB made it possible for me attend the Level 1 training within a month of the fire, planting the seed for the work that I was meant for. Through my healing process, it became clear that I needed to be part of the healing solution to the ever-increasing number of disasters our world is facing.


In response to the need for an organized acupuncture disaster response team in my community, a small group of colleagues forged a partnership with our local county Medical Reserve Corps. We joined MRC as official volunteers, and drafted a Scope of Practice for acupuncturists to be part of this group of volunteer doctors, nurses, EMT's, etc., who would be officially deployed in the event of a disaster. In this mutually beneficial relationship, acupuncturists are trained and vetted by the MRC, and have immediate access to treat in a disaster. The MRC gains a modality to help a large number of people very rapidly in a way that no other practitioners can.


With the help of AWB, I am now working to replicate this successful model on a national level. I make contact with the local MRC Program Coordinator for every county that AWB hosts training in, and ask them to come speak to students about how we can partner together. It is a very exciting time for integrating acupuncture into standard medical care! We can each be part of that evolution. It is my goal for survivors of every disaster across the country to have rapid access to ear acupuncture trauma care.


UPDATE FROM RENEE ON MAY 6, 2013: "I just got back in cell range from spending the last 3 days at the mountain ranch for Ventura County's massive Austere Medicine training, where I got to have my own acupuncture tent again. It went amazingly, and we got to treat about half the participants, including the Feds and State VIP's who attended. They loved it, were so grateful for what we do, and we have their full support."


MRC Photo



Escape Fire




On October 24th, AWB is sponsoring a special program to celebrate Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day, and the work that AWB affiliated clinics offer to veterans, active duty soldiers, and their families. We are inviting MSRP clinics and other interested AWB volunteers to organize community screenings of the new documentary ESCAPE FIRE.  This riveting film, produced by Susan Froemke and Matthew Heineman, explores critical issues facing the U.S. health system, and highlights the healing journey of a soldier struggling with severe PTSD who stops using drugs and pursues acupuncture treatment with considerable success.


AWB hopes that the screenings will provide an educational and inspiring way for people in your community to learn more about the use of acupuncture for trauma.  Screenings, which can be followed by panel discussions, will also be an opportunity to raise money for an MSRP or Community Service Clinic in your area, and support AWB's trauma reduction work in the U.S. and globally. The ESCAPE FIRE producers are making it fun and easy to organize community screenings and AWB can help you do it! Please consider bringing ESCAPE FIRE to your community in a theater near you!


For more information, contact Nicole Anderson at



Retreat Level II Retreat and Workshop this Summer! 

Level II Group Pic
Level II Participants in 2011




How to be a Global Healer


August 24 - 29, 2013


Vallecitos Mountain Ranch, New Mexico






  • How to lead a training onsite in a disaster, or in a community setting, in the U.S. or abroad
  • Advanced teachings on how to set up a community service clinic
  • Five Element approaches to leadership
  • Using NADA 5NP with "intention" as developed by Brigid Ting
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Radix workshops to explore our inner blocks, strengths, and challenges
  • Morning group practice of qigong, meditation or yoga
  • Using "percept" language to delve into our projections, explore where we become reactive, and learn how to use this as a golden practice for evolving as a leader
  • Discussions on what it means to be a leader and what is service to the global community
  • Other Activities Include: hiking, swimming, rest & relaxation




$395 for AWB Members

$495 for Non AWB Members

*Does not include food, lodging and transport


Please click HERE for more information about Level II.


Haven't had a Level I Training yet?  Click HERE for the Level I training schedule.  



  • Diana Fried, M.Ac., Dipl. Ac., Executive Director, AWB
  • Melanie Rubin, M.Ed., Acudetox Specialist
  • Carla Cassler, DAOM, L.Ac.
  • Michael Schvarczkopf, Radix Therapist, CRP
  • Anne Dellenbaugh, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Leader
  • Brigid Ting, Acupuncturist and NADA leader in Canada




AWB members receive numerous supply discounts including:    

  • 10% first time discount with Lhasa OMS, and 5% ongoing discount.
  • 10% discounts on AcuMed magnets, 25% of which is donated back to  AWB.  Click HERE for details!
  • 5% discount on orders from Blue Poppy  Enterprises, Inc.
  • $40 off Miridia Auriculo 3D Software and auriculotherapy posters, 30% of which is donated back to AWB.
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Natural Standards

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The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has grown in recent years, with patients spending more than $58 billion annually on natural products and integrative modalities. To help healthcare professionals and consumers make safer, more educated decisions about their healthcare, Natural Standard provides high-quality, evidence-based information about integrative therapies.


Natural Standard is an international multidisciplinary collaboration that includes contributors from more than 100 eminent academic institutions. Research teams systematically gather scientific data and expert opinions to develop comprehensive monographs that are designed to facilitate clinical decision making. For each therapy, the available scientific evidence of effectiveness is evaluated using the Natural Standard Evidence-based Validated Grading Rationale™. All monographs undergo blinded peer review prior to inclusion in Natural Standard databases.  


Thank you to all of our members for their support of AWB and its mission to bring acupuncture relief to communities in need.  We cannot do this work without you.  YOU INSPIRE US! 

In the spirit of service,
The AWB Staff

Acupuncturists Without Borders

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