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AWB Newsletter 9-2007
Acupuncturists Without Borders
Acupuncturists Without Borders
September, 2007
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Hallmark video on AWB in New Orleans
 Why the Veteran's Project Fits into AWB's Mission and Goals

                   Practicing skills at an AWB Training

An Important Message from Mary Chaney, AWB Board Chair

AWB was created as a result of an amazing grass roots process after Hurricane Katrina. Practitioners from all over the country responded to Diana Fried's call to take acupuncture to help the people in New Orleans. Many generously offered their skills, hearts, and resources to help in the healing of the local communities.  Those that came lived in chaotic and often primitive conditions and responded with creativity and flexibility to the ever changing environment. It was an amazing collaborative effort and a very effective model for treating in these conditions was developed.

At the time, we accepted most everyone who wanted to come and help.  Most acupuncturists are more familiar with working alone in private practices than with working together in teams in crisis situations.  Some who came to help weren't prepared for what they encountered and needed skills they didn't have.  So we designed trainings to introduce folks to the program we are going to implement wherever we go. The training is about creating a strong core network of acupuncturists capable of working with people in times of disaster and trauma.

IF you are going to run an operation in the field, you need to be able to do community organizing. This involves among other things:
Knowing how to scrounge for funds and locations,
Knowing how to deal with the local bureaucracies,
Being able to connect with the people in the community,
Being comfortable talking about the program with the media and local officials,
Knowing how to be an effective team leader or group member,
Knowing how to work with group dynamics.

This is the essence of grass roots service work.

Click here to read the rest of Mary's letter.

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We Need Your Help Now!
We are doing a fundraising campaign to support our Veterans Project and our organization. We need help from those who want to see AWB grow and flourish. If you would like to send 10 of our direct mail letters to your family, friends and/or clients, please email and she will send you a packet with 10 letters, reply forms and envelopes - all you need to do is add a little personal note and mail the letters. We really appreciate your help with this effort.

Spread the word about AWB by adding a link to AWB on your website.  If you have trouble adding a link, please feel free to contact us at

Check out the donor page on the AWB website and support the companies that have so generously supported AWB's work.
Veterans Program Updates

The Veterans Program is moving along and is looking full of promise.  The Albuquerque pilot clinic continues to draw a small and committed crowd week after week, individuals around the country are paricipating in conference calls and planning activities to get their own local community clinics up and running, and AWB is actively fundraising to keep the momentum of this important project supported with funds.  Here are a few updates from AWB crew.

Treatment at the Albuquerque Veterans Clinic

  • We are ready to work with individuals interested in opening Veterans clinics in their local communities.  Materials and support are available.  Email to find out how you can get your clinic started!
  • Acupuncturists around the country are holding Community Acupuncture Events during the week of Veterans Day in November to help raise critial funding for the program.  Promote your practice, educate your community about the power of acupuncture and support AWB by holding an event in your area.  AWB will provide you with flyers, instructions, press releases and more!  Email to get your community acupuncture packet.

Harlem "Acupuncturists Remember Katrina" Event a Huge Success!
On August 19th, Dr. Robert Woodbine and an assembled team of AWB supporters raised over $1200.00 for AWB during Harlem Day.  For those whom were there, it was a day full of activity along 135th Street in spite of the overcast and rainy day.

The group raised a total of $1,271.25 to support the efforts of Acupuncturists Without Borders to implement its Phase III Plan to return to New Orleans to continue their work! 240 people signed up on their registration sheets during the seven hours the event was taking place.  The group provided community acupuncture treatments to over 200 individuals while raising donations for AWB.

AWB would like to thank Dr. Robert Woodbine and the core group that helped to organize this event -- Julia Bennett, Aswad Foster, Nkaassaa Render, Douglas Mannigault, Stephen Campbell, Dumisani Kambi-Shamba, and Bishara Wilson.  Thank You for your support!
Other News In AWB

  • We are happy to welcome our new part-time staff member Gretchen Lorenson to the AWB team.  Gretchen is a student at Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque with a variety of non-profit experience and a strong commitment to providing community healthcare.  Gretchen has already been instrumental in the implementation of the Veterans Program and we are so happy to have her on board! We are working on raising funds so we can keep Gretchen on staff doing essential work for AWB.
  • We would like to thank the graduating students of Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe for their generous donation to AWB and their enthusiastic support.  We were honored to be recognized at their graduation ceremony on August 12, 2007 in Santa Fe.
            October 13-14, 2007: Chicago IL (registration is open)     
            November 17-18, 2007: Portland, ME (registration is open)
            January 26-27, 2008: Miami, FL
            April 19-20, 2008: Phoenix, AZ  

Diana Fried, Executive Director
and the Acupuncturists Without Borders Team

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