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Vet Newsletter 12-19-07

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December 19, 2007
AWB's Veterans Project conference calls continue to be tremendously inspiring.  Every call is different and we encourage all participants to attend as many calls as possible.  If you can not make the call, please be sure to send updated information about your progress to AWB.

In 2008, calls will also have specific topics.  Questions in all areas are welcome, but calls will be geared toward specific area of discussion.  If you have questions, advice or input for the topic below please be sure to be on this call.  AWB has much to share in this area and we hope you will too!

Next conference call time:
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Call Topic:
How to do outreach to the veterans community

Local Times:

3:00 pm - AHST (Alaska Hawaii Standard time)
5:00 pm - PST (Pacific Standard time)
6:00 pm - MST (Mountain Standard time)
7:00 pm - CST (Central Standard time)
8:00 pm - EST (Eastern Standard time)

Instructions for Joining the Call

Please read the article on Call Guidelines at the bottom of this email before joining the next call.

1.  Dial the conference call number: (616) 597-8000

2.  You will be prompted to enter the Pass Code: 1017686 followed by #
3.  Follow any other prompts, as they are self-explanatory
4.  Please wait to announce yourself unless the intros have not yet begun

Other keys to know:

Press *4 for more instructions
Press *6 to mute (like if your dog is barking), and *6 again to un-mute.

*You will be charged whatever your long-distance rates are for this phone call and nothing more.
Call Participant Updates

James Lugo, Cleawater, FL
  • Is a veteran and is interested in starting a program in his area.
Anne Adametz, Chicago, IL
  • Is currently a student at MCOM and is interested in becoming part of the project.
  • Would like to be in touch with the other individuals working on the veterans project in Chicago.
Judith Kenan, Atlanta, GA
  • Interested in starting a program in her area and linking with others in the Altanta area.
  • Had questions about funding and clinic operation.
Diane Miller, Portland, OR
  • Is continuing a clinic already in place in Portland.
  • Had questions about getting the word out to the veterans community.
Stephanie Georgieff, Orance County, CA
  • Is hoping to start a veterans clinic in the new year.
Erin Terry, San Francisco, CA
  • Is in the start-up phase of beginning her project and is looking into building contacts and resources and finding funding.
Sally Van Snepson, Portland, ME
  • Attended the recent training in Portland, Maine.
  • Is working with Portland acupuncturist Susan Reed in starting a clinic and is in the "fact finding" phase of the process.
Beverly Coleman, Sedona, AZ
  • Is not planning to open a veterans clinic, but is holding a fundraiser at her own clinic to help raise money for the program.

Program Updates

Vets Project Field Manual

Tha Veterans Project Field Manual is a 70 page document full of information about implementing and maining a veterans clinic, complete with all the forms and paperwork you'll need to start a clinic.  It is a strongly encouraged document for all individuals working with AWB and the Veterans Project.
The cost of the manual is included in the registration fee for trainings and is $75.00 for non-trainees.

To obtain a copy of the manual please visit:
AWB Veterans Project Page

New Veterans Project Coordinator
AWB's Volunteer Coordinator Diane Eggleston will be leaving AWB this December and Executive Assistant Sarah Tewhey will be taking over coordination of the Veterans Project.

Sarah has been with AWB since January of 2006, co-coordinated the New Orleans Program from June-November of 2006 and the California Wildfire Relief Effort in October of 2007.  She wrote and assembled much of the information in the Veterans Project Field Manual and only hopes that she'll be able to match the amazing work of Diane Eggleston, who will be dearly missed

To assist Sarah in this transition and help get her up to speed please send an email to to introduce yourself and give her an update on your progress!

Media and Outreach

  • Pledge Cards are available to put out at your clinic and or an event.  To receive 20 pledge cards with self-addressed return envelopes  please email
  • The Veterans Project and the Chicago team recently had a wonderful article published in the Chicago Tribune.                 Click here to go to the article!
Issues Addressed in the December 11th Call

The December 11th call was especially inspiring because there were individuals participating who are completely new to the program.  We readdressed several issues regarding funding, site location and finding contacts and heard new ideas as well.  Much of the December 11th discussion is already included in the site manual and in recent updates; here are some new thoughts and considerations.

Getting the Word Out
  • According to the Portland team a recent "Welcome Home" Job Fair in Portland, OR proved to be an excellent place to introduce veterans to acupuncture.  It is suggested that teams look for job fairs, benefits and conventions geared towards veterans as potential avenues to spread the word.  Be available on the floor, or better yet, find out about renting booth space.
  • Creating trust and rapport with the veterans community is the most effective way to initiate and retain participants in your clinic. 
Money, Money, Money
  • AWB has a program in place which donations obtained by teams can be made tax-deductible by being sent to AWB.  AWB will retain a portion of the donation for internal support of the program and a portion will be put into an account for your clinic expenses.  If you are interested in entering into this arrangement please send an email to  Information about this is also included in the Veterans Project Field Manual.
  • Questions arose about charging money for treatment at veterans clinics.  While AWB strongly encourages that treatments are made free in order to be available to everyone, clinics should make this decision at their own discretion.  Generally, AWB has found that people like to give something in exchange for treatment and it is a good idea to have a donation box in your clinic in a accessible location.
Veterans Clinics and ADS Certification
  • AWB's official stance on NADA ADS certification is that individuals who are ADS certified are welcome to participate in our programs.  Laws about NADA certification vary from state to state and if your clinic does wish to utilize individuals who are NADA trained and not licensed acupuncturists you will need to find out the legalities of this in your community.
Upcoming Trainings from AWB:
Healing Community Trauma

If you  haven't yet attended a training and you sign up now we will send you the Field Manual,
at your request, promptly upon completion of your registration.
Miami AWB Healing Community Trauma Training: How to Do Mobile Group Acupuncture for Disasters and Other Traumatic Situations

January 26 - 27, 2008
Acupuncture and Massage College, Miami Florida

Phoenix AWB Healing Community Trauma Training: How to Do Mobile Group Acupuncture for Disasters and Other Traumatic Situations
April 19-20, 2008

Click Here to Register Now!
Instructions For Joining An AWB Conference Call

In order to streamline our conference calls we would like to ask everyone who participates to take a look at the following instructions and call format.  We hope this will help us avoid too much distraction and overlap on the calls and allow us to make the most of the time we have together.  We try to keep the calls to one hour in length.

Before the call:

  • Email your questions to prior to the call.  We will answer your questions during the call.
When you join the call:
  • Announce yourself if you arrive on time and the Intros have not begun.
  • If you join the call after the start time please wait to announce yourself.
  • During Intros and Updates we will periodically check to make sure everyone who silently joins the calls gets to introduce themselves as well.
*Don't forget to mute yourself if you are hearing any background noise when you are not talking.  Press *6 to mute or use the mute button on your own phone.

Call Format:

     1.  Intros and Updates - we will ask folks to introduce themselves one by one.
  • When it is your turn, please:
    • Tell us your name and location
    • Give a brief update of what is happening for you in terms of the Vets Project.
    • At the end of your introduction, state any questions you have. (These will be answered after Intros.)
     2.  AWB Update - Diana Fried or the program coordinator will give a brief update from AWB about progress and news relevant to the Vets Project.

     3.  Q & A - Diana Fried and AWb staff will address the questions presented during Intros and offer time for further questions at the end.

  • During this time if you have helpful information to add from your own experience to address peoples questions please do so by announcing yourself during a pause.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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