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Vet Newsletter 5-07
Acupuncturists Without Borders
Acupuncturists Without Borders
May 1, 2007

My name is Laura Wolf, DOM and I am the new AWB Veterans Project Coordinator.  At this time I am volunteering my time to this position.  Our goal is to raise money so that I can be paid in the future, but my dedication to this program is not contingent upon being paid.  I am also an active part of the AWB Veterans Clinic Pilot Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We started our clinic in October 2006 and six months later we are still gaining momentum with new Veterans coming each week.  From our Pilot Project we are certain that this will be a success across the United States!


AWB wants to thank you for your interest in AWB's Veterans Project.  We are excited that you want to get involved with AWB and further promote healing to all of the Veterans in your community.


Many of you may have recently attended one of the AWB Community Style Leadership Trainings and are anxiously waiting to set up your own clinics.  We want to thank you for your continued patience.


At this time we have to ask you to please hold off using our name, Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), until we have all the Policies and Procedures in place, as was discussed in the training you attended.  Also, there will be an on-line Application Approval Process, both for Team Leaders and the potential clinic site that must be completed prior to using our name.


In the meantime you may conduct your own community style acupuncture clinics independently of AWB and collect donations to use in the future to help set up your future Approved AWB Clinic Site.


We apologize for the delay, but critical questions pertaining to insurance have to be answered, including malpractice insurance and general liability issues when treating in donated business spaces, for example.  We are attempting to have these important issues taken care of and in place as soon as possible.  Please be aware that every individual acupuncturist treating at the AWB Veterans Community Acupuncture Clinics must carry Malpractice Insurance and keep it current.  If you do not currently have malpractice insurance you could begin researching this for yourself.


Some other things we suggest you begin doing include establishing your treatment team in your area.  You may want to have a meeting and get together with those you attended an AWB Training with and discuss ideas like where you plan to hold clinic and how often can everyone treat at the weekly clinic.


AWB requires that every Approved AWB Clinic Site have only one Team Leader and as many Team Members as you want. 


The Team Leader will have many duties and responsibilities expected of them, so serious consideration must be given when applying for this position.  The Team Leader will be in frequent contact with us every step of the way.  As an organization we must be consistent as to how each of the Approved AWB Clinic Sites are run. The Team Leader must consider how much time will need to be devoted to this position.  Because of the need for serious attention to detail and the following of established Policies and Procedures, we will also require a Team Leader Agreement Form.


To become a Team Leader an on-line Team Leader Application must be filled out and then it will go through an Evaluation and Approval Process.  The Team Leader must have attended an AWB Community Style Leadership Training.


Once approved the Team Leader will establish their Team Members and have them fill out the on-line Team Member Application. If potential Team Members in your community have not attended an AWB Community Style Leadership Training it is ok, as the approved Team Leader will be advised how to give a Mini-Orientation to those who need it.

AWB requires that Team Leaders must have graduated from an accredited (or in the process of becoming accredited) acupuncture school and/or be NCCAOM Certified.  Team Members can be NADA Trained Acupuncture Detox Specialists or have any of the above mentioned certifications.



AWB also requires that all clinics need to be an Approved AWB Clinic Site.  The Approved Team Leader will work closely with us on getting approval of the potential clinic site.


Again, please remember that AWB is still a small grass roots organization and getting everything done takes longer than expected sometimes.  Currently we have dedicated volunteers who are working on getting very important answers to questions pertaining to Malpractice Insurance and General Liability Insurance when setting up satellite community style clinics across the United States.


Also, much effort by dedicated volunteers is currently going into preparing an AWB Veterans Community Style Acupuncture Clinic Kit.    The "Kit" will be a crucial reference document that will enable your AWB Veterans Clinic to run smoothly and efficiently.


The "Kit" will include the Application Process for Team Leaders and Team Members.  It will include vital information for the Team Leader regarding Policies and Procedures pertaining to running an Approved AWB Clinic Site, such as weekly paperwork, documentation, donations, and monthly reporting to the Veterans Clinic Coordinator.  The "Kit" will also include information on public outreach, advertising and media and fund-raising possibilities and much more.


Please be reassured that we are working diligently and as fast as possible to get these issues taken care of.  We anticipate that it won't be very long now, but I will refrain from giving a certain date.

If it weren't for dedicated volunteers like yourself we wouldn't be as far as we are today.


Most of all, we are very enthusiastic that this project is in the works, and even more enthusiastic about helping you to get up and running with it. This project is going to have incredibly powerful potential to make a difference, and as a community doing this together who knows the impact we will have! So, please bear with us in putting these systems in place - they are all about our intention to have a world class professional program. We have some great quotes from current clients in the Albuquerque clinic, and we will put those in an E-newsletter soon.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Laura Wolf, DOM
Veterans Project Coordinator
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