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AWB Leadership Training: Disaster and Trauma Relief
Columbia, Maryland

Acupuncturists Without Borders is offering a CEU approved comprehensive weekend training July 13-15, 2007, at The Sheraton Columbia in Columbia Maryland. This training is sponsored by the Maryland Acupuncture Society and the Acupuncture Society of Virginia.

To register for this training please fill out and send the registration information below. Payment can be made immediately online by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

€ How to set up a Mobile Clinic
€ How to create teams that flourish together
€ How to work in a disaster situation
€ Comprehensive acute traumatic stress management
€ How to set up a community acupuncture event in your local area
€ Cultural competency
€ Ethical and safety issues.
€ There will be instruction and practice in qi gong for reducing stress and toxic situations.
€ We will have two community-style acupuncture sessions with all trainees participating as practitioner and client (though you do not have to get treatment if you do not want it)

Participation in an AWB training is not solely for the purpose of becoming an AWB volunteer. We welcome all attendees, whether or not you will become or already are an AWB volunteer.

PDA/CEUs:17 PDA/CEUs approved by the NCCAOM (including 4 PDA/CEUs that meet the new Ethics and Safety requirements).

Location:Sheraton Columbia
10207 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, Maryland 21044
Phone: (410) 730-3900 Click here to view the hotel.

Locations details, maps, schedule and hotel information will be sent with registration confirmation.

Dates: July 13-15, 2007
This training will be held on Friday, July 13 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, plus full days on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8:30 am.

Cost: $325.00 regular registration.

Discounts: Students and former AWB volunteers to New Orleans receive a 30% discount.
MAS and ASVA members receive a 10% discount.

See registration form for payment information. Space may be limited, so early payment is recommended. for completing registration and any questions. See below for registration form.
If you need additional assistance contact Diane Eggleston, (520) 840-0557 (in Arizona).

How does this fit into AWB's work?
AWB is very interested in training more acupuncturists to be Team Leaders, so we welcome those who have an interest in pursuing this option. Some of the benefits of Team Leadership are: 1) helping develop your personal skills as a leader, which are transferable to many areas of life; 2) giving you more personal access to AWB leaders to help you in this process; 3) offering a service that is needed, and will likely bring you and others unknown and immeasurable benefits.

From our training group we will encourage the formation of a local group to start an AWB veterans project in your area, doing free community acupuncture for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. If you are interested in considering participating in this, please bring a lunch on Sunday, and we will have this conversation over lunch.

In order to qualify as a Team Leader for AWB venues (including Louisiana, future veterans project, and other future locations), you will need to be approved by AWB staff. One way to do this is to attend a training; this gives us the opportunity to work with you in more depth.

The trainings are not currently required to volunteer with AWB as a regular team member (i.e. not a team leader), but attendance will enhance the quality of your experience and that of the team.

We look forward to sharing this training with you and our future work together. Please sign up for our email contact list ( to hear of our work in New Orleans and the developing work with veterans.


Payment may be by check or credit card. On site payment is only by check.
If paying by credit card, please go to the payment box at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.


Complete and send form to:
or Mailing Address: AWB, 37 Kelly Lynn Dr., Sandia Park,NM 87047
or Fax: 480-288-8771


Regular Rate $325.00:_____
Former New Orleans Volunteer or Current Student Regular Rate $228.00:_____
MEMBERS OF MAS OR ASVA will receive a 10% discount (not to be combined with Volunteer or Student discount)






ACUPUNCTURE LICENSE (State, number, exp date):

NADA CERTIFICATION (number, exp date):
**NADA certification is not required to attend a training, or to be an AWB volunteer

Payment method:

Date rec'd:
Payment rec'd:


CANCELLATION POLICY: AWB will grant refunds for cancellations as follows:
75% refunded if you cancel before or on June 22
25% refunded if you cancel before or on July 6
No refund after July 6, although there will be credit granted for a future training (within one calendar year)

AWB Community-Style Acupuncture Leadership Training:
How to do AWB Disaster and Trauma Work

Course Syllabus

€ Qigong ­ a necessary self care protocol for staying healthy in the field ­ specific exercises devoted to clearing toxins and re-energizing
€ Ear acupuncture clinic ­ demonstration of how AWB sets up a mobile community clinic, including clean field, and putting together working kits for the field ­ participants join in doing a community clinic
€ Power Point Presentation on AWB's work in New Orleans including how AWB got started and what its mission is, community acupuncture for trauma, what to expect when signing up to work in a disaster situation, and more
€ How to set up and work in a Mobile Clinic setting ­ What's involved in setting up clinics at disaster sites and how are they managed; numerous tips for working in field group and community acupuncture; protocols and norms
€ Record keeping and evaluation/ demographic assessments at treatment venues
€ Group dynamics and communication issues ­ how to create teams that flourish together ­ these tools will also be of benefit in your private practice (e.g. learning more about projections and how to work with them when working with others)
€ Treatments in Disaster: Dos and Don'ts of interacting with people in crisis; creating good boundaries
€ Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management: What is it, what are the symptoms, what to expect, what to do, what not to do.
€ How to deal with emergencies ­ protocols for injuries, unexpected problems, etc. (further teaching on Safety later in weekend)
This section fulfills 1 hour of NCCAOM Ethics/Safety requirement
€ What's Expected of you as a Team Leader and a Team Member
€ An overview of what are the duties of the team leaders and team members
€ What Team Leaders and Team Members need to do set up logistics for your team
€ Treatment protocols used by AWB ­ understanding the NADA 5 needle protocol from a five element perspective, review of 5 needle protocol point location and some tips on needle techniques
€ Group dynamics and communication issues Various simulated field exercises) ­ How to get your team functioning effectively as a team, working out personality issues, allocating responsibilities, guidelines and group norms. This is a place to role play as leaders. (For example we might: have an on the ground disaster, or ask participants to set up a mobile clinic, coordinate the other participants to function as clients and get them treated. How is the interaction? What dynamics surface? What do you observe with yourself and each other? Were you willing to offer suggestions? Were you flexible or not? Can you take direction from a peer?
€ How to run group feedback sessions, etc. (Note: These exercises are also very useful for private practice). There will be some discussion of how to facilitate group harmony and balance working with the philosophy of the five elements.

€ Understanding secondary traumatization and self care (and its importance for the safety of yourself and the team)
€ How to stay aware of early signs of difficulties among your team. Keeping your eye on your team for signs of stress, what to do when you notice team members are struggling
€ Ethics around responsibilities to the team, to the public being served and to oneself
€ Dealing with ³difficult² team members and unexpected situations
€ Dos and Don'ts of interacting with people in crisis ­ training your team about the importance of language and attitude ­ and appropriate boundaries
€ Cultural competency: how to talk to people from different cultures (whether ethnic, socioeconomic, or other), how to work with local community alliances, public officials, army, police, veterans, etc
This section fulfills 2 hours of NCCAOM Ethics/Safety requirement
€ Safety protocols: Incidents and incident reports, waiver forms, consent for source patient, needle stick procedures. This section fulfills 1 hour of NCCAOM Ethics/Safety requirement
€ More on working with the media, doing presentations (including some PowerPoint tips), and promoting an event and your practice at the same time.
€ How to talk to the media, how to pitch a story, how to write a Letter to the Editor, how to write a press release. How to present AWB's message and vision in venues where you are an AWB volunteerŠ (also can be beneficial for promoting your own private practice). How to get publicity for community style acupuncture.
€ How to do a Community Style Acupuncture clinic in your community.
€ Promoting a clinic event, working with the media, setting up logistics.
€ Future AWB projects and how you can get involved.

At the conclusion of the training, each participant will be given an opportunity to discuss with an AWB staff person what role they are best suited for in the organization, if you wish to pursue this. Some will decide that a behind the scenes role suits them and others will be ready to perform on the front lines.

Make your training payment to Acupuncturists Without Borders quickly and securely by credit card using PayPal.

At the beginning of the payment process you will be taken to a page where you can enter your Paypal account information. If you do not have a Paypal account you will see a link to continue with the payment process without a Paypal account.

- Please be sure to fill out and send the registration form above after making your payment. Indicate on your registration form that you have paid via credit card online. Registration can be sent via mail, fax or email.
- In the "Notes" box at the end of the online payment process please indicate again the training location you are registering for and your phone number.

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