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Oaxaca, México 
World Healing Exchange Trip 

February 27 - March 9, 2015



San Miguel Amatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico

February 27 - March 9, 2015


Our guides- Tierraventura's Claudia Schurr de Chavan and

Yves Chavan, Laurencio Lopez Nuñes, Healer and Botanist,  

Diana Fried, AWB Founder and Board President and  

Melanie Rubin, AWB Co-Director 


The purpose of Acupuncturists Without Borders World Healing Exchange program is to provide service and trauma treatment training in communities around the world as well as to learn from indigenous and traditional healers about their healing practices. On these journeys we also renew and refresh ourselves and deepen our own practices to support the work we each do in the world. 

Click Here for Oaxaca Information Packet

AWB 2011 Group in Oaxaca     


AWB is excited to announce its next World Healing Exchange program which will take place in Oaxaca, México. Commonly known for its colorful, diverse culture with the greatest bio-diversity in México, Oaxaca has 16 indigenous groups, exquisite cuisine, archeological ruins, and beautiful crafts.

Along with its beauty, Oaxaca is the second poorest state in México with over 76% of its population living in extreme poverty. This population is lacking basic necessities and has inadequate access to health care. The prevalence of earthquakes, floods and landslides exacerbate these existing social vulnerabilities. Participants on this AWB trip will go into different health care clinics throughout the region and offer community-style acupuncture. As with our other WHE trips, this is an opportunity to get to know a region, local healers, and to provide community acupuncture service clinics.



Children treated with ear seeds, Oaxaca

This time of year the climate will be ideal. We begin with sunny warm days with cool evenings in the high desert of Oaxaca City and go to hot days as we descend to the jungle. Our journey will also bring us hiking in the Northern Sierra Mountains exploring the medicinal herbs of the regions and studying with local Curanderos/healers the uses of the natural botanicals. We will explore the local marketplaces and learn how to prepare herbal formulas and natural medicines. There will be opportunities to learn other forms of traditional healing for the body and spirit with the indigenous healers.

We will go to a community on the coast where children who are considered to be born with innate healing skills are trained how to develop these gifts. This is just one of our chances to exchange healing knowledge. We will experience a Temazcal, an ancient sweat lodge. (The Nahuatl word temaz means either bath or rock/vapor/knowledge, Calli means house.) Our hope is to support the local Oaxacan healing practices and strengthen our own.


This trip will be a rare opportunity for receiving teachings on indigenous healing methods, learning from each other , clinical practice and serving local communities, connecting with nature and renewing yourself deeply on all levels. 


Treatments in Oaxaca

Click Here for Oaxaca Information Packet 

AWB Website
(505) 281-2969




Trip Fee (does not include international airfare):

Note: See link for full packet for payment deadlines for each category below. 

Early Bird:

AWB Member - $2975.00 (cash or check price) 

(add 3% for credit card payment)

If you are not a member or it is time to renew, we can arrange this prior to trip payment. 


Non-member -

$3275.00 (cash or check price)  


(add 3% for credit card payment)


Regular Rate:

AWB Member - $3275.00 (cash or check price)

(add 3% for credit card payment)


Non-member - $3575.00 (cash or check price)

(add 3% for credit card payment)



A non-refundable $500 deposit  is required to hold your spot

(add 3% for credit card payment)


 Trip is limited to 12 participants 


Note: For those who have not been to an AWB training, there will be a one-day required AWB clinical training, offered on February 27th in Oaxaca City.  7.5 CEU's will be offered, and the course fee is $150.00.


 Click here for complete trip information packet including payment information


Participants tell us how their lives 
changed from AWB trips...



 I've noticed a deepening in my heart and a loosening of the grasp to outer situations and my notion that things need to be a certain way. My gratefulness for this particular life that I experience with its degree of comfort, which is considerably more than most in the world, has increased.  I have been deeply touched by my experience with all of you and the beautiful indigenous souls of Ecuador.        

--Sara Gordon


Sara Gordon Treating in Ecuador

Making the choice to travel to Nepal with Acupuncturists Without Borders' (AWB) first World Healing Exchange Program in October 2009 was one of the best decisions of my life. Through stepping out of my comfort zone, deeply experiencing another culture, sharing the intense healing effects of acupuncture, and meeting life long friends, I discovered who I really am.   One "small" decision to say "yes" literally altered the direction of my entire life. 


--Micah O'Neal

Jand and Michal in Nepal

Micah O'Neal and Jan Yoder in Nepal


Please call (505) 281-2969 if you have questions or want more information or email

We hope to see you in Oaxaca!

AWB Website 

Acupuncturists Without Borders 
909 Virginia, NE, Suite 211

Albuquerque, NM, New Mexico 87108
(505) 266-3878


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