12 Points for Restoration & Balance Approach to Trauma Treatment

4 CEU/PDA Online Course | $60

Alaine Duncan, L.Ac., Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


This program teaches acupuncturists a 12-point auricular approach to trauma treatment, and then provides step-by-step instructions, with demonstration, for executing this approach. Conceptually, it explains the neurobiology and physiology of traumatic stress response, as it relates to the five element system of Chinese medicine.

It also explains how each person’s response to traumatic stress is different, depending on their constitution, history, and state at the time of the traumatic experience. It shows how Post Traumatic Stress is not the same for each person and is, in fact, not a disorder but an appropriate response to life threat. If offers a simple, effective way to customize trauma treatment for each person to provide maximum benefit.

Includes: 2.25 Hour Video, Fillable PDF Workbook, AWB and NCCAOM Certificates upon completion with passing grade


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This course awards 4 NCCAOM AOM-AC PDA points.
CA Provider # is 0619. This is a Category 1 Distance Learning Course.

Refunds/Cancellation: No refunds/cancellations available as all course content is delivered upon purchase.