Cultivating Resilience and Strong Immunity

Cultivating Resilience and Strong Immunity

Resources to Support You, Your Patients, and Communities

March 23, 2020: Issue #1

  • Covid-19 Virtual Town Hall for Acupuncturists
  • Coronavirus Treatment with TCM in China
  • Caring for Yourself and Others During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • American Society of Acupuncturists Resource Page
  • CALM Meditation, Visualization and Grounding Exercises
  • Qigong for the Immune System
  • Safe Grocery Shopping during the Covid Pandemic
  • Talking to Your Kids about Covid-19

April 11, 2020: Issue #2

  • Covid-19 Virtual Town Hall for Acupuncturists #2

  • Best Herbal Medicine Prescribing Practices During Covid-19

  • Covid-19 Webinar 2: Modern Research from TCM

  • New 30-Hour AWB Online Course – Healing Community Trauma in Times of Crisis

  • Covid-19, the Five Elements of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, and the Self-Protective Response

  • Moxabustion for Strong Immunity

  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Stress Reduction

  • Meditation to Strengthen the Immune System

April 26, 2020: Issue #3

  • Research Studies on Covid-19 and Chinese Herbs

  • Social Connection and Knowing our Essence

  • How the Pulse Changes in Times of Significant Stress

  • Acupuncture for Acute Respiratory Distress

  • How to Apply Ear Seeds/Earseed Kits

  • Free Herb Consultations for Frontline Health Workers

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Video

  • Free HeartMath Program – Ease Stress Overload & Increase Resilience

AWB Returns from WHE Israel/West Bank Trip

AWB Returns from WHE Israel/West Bank Trip

WHE participants learning to make herbal creams

We just completed an amazing three-week journey to Israel and the West Bank where AWB has been working for the past five years. AWB works here because it is a conflict area where most people suffer from deep trauma. Palestinians suffer displacement, discrimination, economic restriction, high imprisonment rates, and other horrors of the occupation. Israelis suffer from traumatic war experiences, terror attacks, and transgenerational trauma from the Holocaust and centuries of antisemitism. And there are other communities that experience trauma-the Druze, Sudanese refugees, and Palestinians who are also Israeli citizens. It is a complicated place with more nuances than not.

It is AWB’s mission to treat EVERYONE suffering from trauma, to intervene in trauma cycles that perpetuate fear and hatred. We also train practitioners to provide trauma reduction treatments in their own communities so that people can receive support over time.

Gathering herbs with herbalist Mariam Abourkeek

As part of this WHE trip, AWB trip participants trained a group of Palestinian health-workers in the West Bank to do the NADA protocol. This is the second Palestinian training AWB has done this year, and we hope to do another in the near future as word about this work spreads in the West Bank. The other important element of the training is that we bring Israelis, Americans and Palestinians TOGETHER to train and practice. Then we go to Palestinian communities and provide treatments as a mixed diverse team of professionals. This is part of the healing work-to demonstrate that people can work together to serve diverse communities despite all the conflicts and challenges. During the trip we did clinics (called healing circles) for Bedouin women in Tel Sheva, for Palestinians in Beit Jala and Bethlehem, and for a group of settlers and Palestinian farmers who are trying to work together in the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion.

A few comments from women in Bethlehem after their treatments: 
“I was afraid before, do not feel afraid now.”
“I felt like something was getting out of my body…I had stress and a headache, now I feel much better, no headache or stress.”
“I feel like I am in a different world.”

This is the Medicine of Peace.

We learned about indigenous healing practices: Kaballah healing, Bedouin herbology, biblical medicinal plants, modern herb farms in Israel, and how TCM is practiced in integrative settings in Israeli hospitals. We also spent time with old friends from AWB Israel and made many new friends in Palestine. It is easy to give up hope that the conflict here will ever resolve. We are doing what we can, along with many others, to make sure it will. Thank you to everyone who supports our work in this region and throughout the world!

Special thanks to Lhasa OMS and Acurea Medical-USA for donating supplies, and to Ray Lifchez for supporting the Palestinian practitioner training!

Street Art on the Palestinian Side of the Barrier Wall
AWB Offers New 7 CEU Course on Secondary Trauma

AWB Offers New 7 CEU Course on Secondary Trauma

Secondary Trauma: Critical Issue to Know as a Practitioner

Where: Newton, MA (Boston Area)

When: Friday April 19, 2019 | 9-5pm

Instructor: Diana Fried, AWB Founding Director

7 PDA/CEUs NCCAOM, CA (including 2 Safety & 2 Ethics PDAs, pending)

Every practitioner needs to know about secondary trauma, and how might it affect one’s life.

This is a subject that is often NOT taught in our educational programs, and yet it is so critical for our long-term success in our work and for our long-term personal happiness.

Please join us for a teaching and personal exploration of this critically important topic.

In this workshop we will explore the following:

  • What is Secondary Trauma?
  • Risk factors and signs of Secondary Trauma
  • Managing one’s own story in the treatment room
  • Trauma-Informed acupuncture and working with crises
  • Burnout, Self-awareness and Building Resiliency
  • Five Elements and Secondary TraumaThis will be a small workshop with limited spots.

Register early to guarantee yours!