Resources to Support You, Your Patients, and Communities

March 23, 2020: Issue #1

  • Covid-19 Virtual Town Hall for Acupuncturists
  • Coronavirus Treatment with TCM in China
  • Caring for Yourself and Others During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • American Society of Acupuncturists Resource Page
  • CALM Meditation, Visualization and Grounding Exercises
  • Qigong for the Immune System
  • Safe Grocery Shopping during the Covid Pandemic
  • Talking to Your Kids about Covid-19

April 11, 2020: Issue #2

  • Covid-19 Virtual Town Hall for Acupuncturists #2

  • Best Herbal Medicine Prescribing Practices During Covid-19

  • Covid-19 Webinar 2: Modern Research from TCM

  • New 30-Hour AWB Online Course – Healing Community Trauma in Times of Crisis

  • Covid-19, the Five Elements of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, and the Self-Protective Response

  • Moxabustion for Strong Immunity

  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Stress Reduction

  • Meditation to Strengthen the Immune System

April 26, 2020: Issue #3

  • Research Studies on Covid-19 and Chinese Herbs

  • Social Connection and Knowing our Essence

  • How the Pulse Changes in Times of Significant Stress

  • Acupuncture for Acute Respiratory Distress

  • How to Apply Ear Seeds/Earseed Kits

  • Free Herb Consultations for Frontline Health Workers

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Video

  • Free HeartMath Program – Ease Stress Overload & Increase Resilience