Ear Seed Kits

Ear seeds are a great way to help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and depression; improve sleep and focus; and help you feel more like yourself. You can apply ear seeds to yourself (or to another person) as part of your self-care routine at home. We have made a short instructional video (right) on how to apply ear seeds to yourself or to another person, to help reduce stress and pain, improve sleep, and help you feel more like yourself. Our ear seed kits contain all you need to get started!

Each Kit Contains: 300 Ear Seeds (multiple adhesive colors available), Tweezers, Alcohol SwabsWritten Instructions Including Video Link.

US Orders: $15/kit

International Orders: $25/kit


* Returns/Refunds unavailable for this item

How to Apply Earseeds – Instructional Video

For AWC Employees & Ancillary

Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) has partnered with AWC to provide ear seed kits to AWC employees and ancillary. If you are an AWC employee or ancillary, please follow the link below to access your kit.