Ear Seed Kits for Stress and Trauma Relief

for AWC Employees and Ancillary

Ear seeds are a great way to help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and depression; improve sleep and focus; and help you feel more like yourself. You can apply ear seeds to yourself (or to another person) as part of your self-care routine at home.

When you order earseeds through AWB, your donation will help us provide stress and trauma reduction treatments in communities throughout California affected by wildfires, COVID-19, poverty and social injustice. You can learn more about AWB’s community trauma-healing work here.

Each Ear Seed Kit Contains: 300 Ear Seeds (multiple adhesive colors available), Tweezers, Alcohol Swabs, Written Instructions Including Video Link.

Donations for earseed kits can be done as follows:


Please use Benevity to make your donations and email a copy of your donation confirmation message to administrator@acuwithoutborders.org. Please provide shipping address and desired choice of ear seed colors*.


Please request a kit at administrator@acuwithoutborders.org, provide your mailing address, and make your donation using the link below. Please provide shipping address and desired choice of ear seed colors*.

*Ear seeds are attached to different colors of adhesive that can be matched to skin tones. Here are the choices: 

  • Kalahari Sand (for lighter skin tones)
  • Rich Caramel (for medium skin tones)
  • Opulent Carob (for dark skin tones)

You many also request a variety pack which includes 100 seeds of each color.