Healing Community Trauma

How to Use Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine to Support Communities Affected by Acute, Chronic, and intergenerational Trauma

JUNE 3-5, 2022


22.5 Continuing Education Credits (pending NCCAOM)

In-Person and Live-Online Attendance Available

Join Acupuncturists Without Borders for an In-Depth Three-Day Training Course for Acupuncturists, Physicians, and Other Health Professionals

We are in a time of global trauma – all beings and the Earth itself are deeply impacted by the Covid pandemic, climate change, violence, economic and political instability, social injustice, and intergenerational trauma. Trauma does not get better over time and does not heal without intervention. When acupuncture and other integrative, somatic treatments are offered by practitioners with trauma-informed care training, our patients and communities can recover and heal.

This course prepares acupuncturists and other health care practitioners to provide trauma-informed care in their private clinics and local communities. Curriculum includes lectures, clinical practicums, and interactive exercises that explore:

  • The biology of trauma
  • Trauma-informed care principles and practices
  • The relationship between trauma and illness, pain, and addiction
  • How acupuncture and other somatic treatments enable trauma processing
  • How to work with the unique clinical needs of traumatized individuals and communities
  • Ear and body acupuncture protocols, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and somatic touch techniques for trauma treatment·
  • Self-care for practitioners when working with trauma to prevent secondary trauma
  • Ethics and safety issues related to trauma-informed care
  • Qi gong, HeartMath, and other stress-reduction practices for your patients
  • Creating trauma-informed care projects in your community (developing partnerships with other health professionals/NGOs, and team-building)

You don’t have to be an acupuncturist to benefit from this course! It is designed for all types of health practitioners that work with people and communities affected by trauma, including acupuncturists, massage therapists, osteopaths, nurses, physicians and students in these fields.

Participants will learn to use auricular acupuncture (if they are licensed to do so), as well as non-invasive ear seeds on ear points that help reduce stress, pain and trauma patterns. The course exploration of trauma, how it works in the body, how to work with trauma survivors, and how to take care of yourself as a provider,  is applicable to all health care practitioners! Please join us!

June 3-5, 2022
9:30-18:30 Daily

Shou Zhong Aus-und Weiterbildungszentrum für Chinesische Medizin
Berlin, Germany


  • Carla Cassler, DAOM, L.Ac., AWB Director of Programs and Community Clinics
  • Meg McDowell, L.Ac.
  • Julie Raneri, M.Ac., L.Ac.

22.5 Continuing Education Hours (pending NCCAOM) Includes 2.5 Safety and 2 Ethics PDAs)

Standard: €430
Students: €350
Online: €200 (No NCCAOM PDA points)

Proof of full Covid vaccination or a recovery certificate & mask-wearing required for in-person attendance. We will also require a rapid test the day of the course (before attending).

Course will be in English with limited German translation.


Healing Community Trauma is being offered IN PERSON and also as a LIVE ON-LINE COURSE. We are committed to providing AWB training in a safe environment, following current public health safety guidelines.

In-person attendance guidelines:

  • N95 or KN95 masks required at all times (inside) during the course (we can provide if needed)
  • Proof of up-to-date Covid vaccination or valid CoVid recovery certificate
  • Rapid test the day of the course (before attending)

Pending – The course offers 22.5 hours of professional continuing education credits from the NCCAOM for licensed acupuncturists, including 2.5 of safety and 2 of ethics. No PDA points are available for the live online course.

*NCCAOM PDAs not available for online option

For more information contact: trainings@acuwithoutborders.org


Carla Cassler, DAOM, L.Ac., Director of Programs and Community Clinics

Carla Cassler has practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over 35 years, specializing in women’s health, pediatric, orthopedic and trauma treatment. Her interest in trauma treatment began in l992 when she practiced acupuncture on an Israeli kibbutz, where many of her patients suffered from physical and mental health problems related to multiple wars and the Holocaust. For the past nine years she has worked with Acupuncturists Without Borders in various capacities: Teaching Healing Community Trauma and AWB’s trauma-informed care certificate program Repairing the Shattered Heart, as Acting Executive Director; and currently, as the Director of Programs and Community Clinics. She founded AWB’s Israel-West Bank program; the AWB Refugee Support Program which provides direct service to refugees in Europe and Mexico; and disaster relief projects throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Cassler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a part-time clinical practice there.

Meg McDowell, L.Ac.

Meg McDowell has been practicing the healing arts since 1980. When she graduated from ACTCM (American college of traditional Chinese medicine) in 2000 she began her career in acupuncture. Meg specializes in neurological disorders, pain and women’s health. She is also a certified Qi gong teacher. Meg has worked with AWB in Mongolia and Tijuana  and is happy to bring trauma healing to Germany and beyond.

Julia C. Raneri, M.Ac.,L.Ac.

Julia Raneri received her Masters of Acupuncture, from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1994. She has worked with AWB since its inception in 2005 while helping the victims who suffered the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. She has a passion for disaster relief work and the NADA Protocol. As a NADA Registered Trainer, she has worked in several countries around the world including Honduras, Haiti, Mexico and Greece.

About Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB): AWB was founded 15 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Our mission is to support healing and empowerment in communities affected by natural disaster, environmental devastation, social injustice, and human conflict. We do this by offering simple, yet powerful, ear acupuncture and natural medicine treatments to people affected by physical and emotional trauma. AWB works in the United States and internationally, in Nepal, Haiti, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, and Greece. We train acupuncturists, physicians, and other health professionals to create sustainable, collaborative trauma-healing programs in their own communities. AWB-trained practitioners have provided over 3,000,000 treatments across the world. This will be the first time that AWB is bringing it’s training program to practitioners in the EU. Please join us!


AWB will grant refunds for cancellations as follows:

  • 75% refunded if cancelled more than 2 weeks prior to the first day of the selected training.
  • 25% refunded if registration is cancelled  more than 1 week prior to the first day of the selected training.
  • NO refunds will be made for cancellation less than a week prior to the first day of the selected training, although there will be credit granted for a future training if it is within one calendar year.