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Currently AWB trainees in Haiti offer six weekly clinics, and AWB provides ongoing support for a part-time local clinic coordinator. AWB volunteers have offered over 30,000 life-giving treatments in Haiti, and there is demand by local health care practitioners for an additional training if funds can be raised.

For more information, please contact Melanie Rubin melanie@acuwithoutborders.org


AWB has been visiting and working in Nepal since 2009. Our program has grown in extraordinary ways, creating regular free acupuncture clinics run by AWB trained Nepalis, in collaboration with the Nepal Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Acupressure Association (AMAAN).

For more information, please contact Diana Fried, ed@acuwithoutborders.org

Greece & the Refugee Support Project

Since May 2016, AWB has offered trauma-healing treatments in Greece where over 60,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries live in 50 refugee camps. Many refugees experience significant trauma from war, displacement, dangerous migration, and loss of friends and family.

AWB is the first organization that has brought trauma reduction acupuncture to refugee camps in Greece. Our mission is to create as much “capacity” as possible, which is why we are now training Greek acupuncturists to offer treatments.


AWB Israel was formed as a non-profit organization in Israel, dedicated to providing treatment, training and education to Israelis and Palestinians about the benefits of trauma healing.

Since 2014, we have trained over 50 acupuncturists to provide treatments in their communities and over 2000 treatments have been provided in Palestinian villages, in the Otniel settlement, for Holocaust survivors in the Galilee, for Israeli soldiers with severe PTSD, for at-risk youth in central Israel, and in other communities.


In 2010 AWB brought a World Healing Exchange trip to Mongolia. On this trip, AWB volunteers met local doctors struggling to address the disease of alcoholism which is rampant in Mongolia.These doctors asked AWB to return and provide training that would help them support addiction recovery in programs throughout Mongolia. In 2013, AWB returned to Mongolia with a team of volunteers to train 75 Mongolian doctors. As a result of this training, ear acupuncture for alcohol addiction has been integrated into the Mongolian National Mental Health Centre as an ongoing therapy.

For more information, contact Carla Cassler


AWB founder Diana Fried has led several World Healing Exchange trips to Mexico, traveling in the Baja, Oaxaca, and Yucatan regions. During the Yucatan trip in 2013 the group received several requests from local healers and community health care workers to return and provide training.

AWB is currently working in the Yucatan to make more connections and build relationships with local health care providers. AWB is also in discussion with other organizations that provide ongoing healing support in Mexico, both from the United States and within Mexico, for possible collaboration as AWB’s work in this country moves forward.

For more information, please contact Diana Fried, ed@acuwithoutborders.org or Melanie Rubin, melanie@acuwithoutborders.org

Recent International Relief Efforts

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Cultivating Resilience and Strong Immunity

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AWB returns to Matamoros, MX to treat refugees

AWB returns to Matamoros, MX to treat refugees

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