Israel/West Bank

Our History in Israel & The West Bank

In 2012 Israeli acupuncturist Keren Assouline attended one of AWB’s 2-day Level I training programs in Portland, Oregon. Keren returned to Israel, trained three colleagues, started a clinic for trauma survivors in Tel Aviv, and created an AWB chapter.

In 2013, AWB Israel and AWB (US) worked together to develop a trauma healing course for Jewish, Muslim, Christian and secular acupuncturists. In 2014, AWB Associate Director Carla Cassler traveled to Israel with AWB founder Diana Fried and a team of volunteers to train 40 acupuncturists. The training was remarkably powerful and effective, and trainees set up healing circles throughout Israel, implementing what they had learned. They also worked regularly under the auspices of Physicians for Human Rights to provide field clinics in the West Bank. The need for this work was underscored shortly afterwards when the horrifying Gaza war erupted, creating more trauma for the region.

Carla Cassler and Diana Fried returned to Israel in 2015 with a team of AWB volunteers to provide a second training, and partner with local peace and women’s organizations in supporting ongoing work. Carla and Diana have also partnered with Creativity for Peace, doing trainings and clinics for this program that supports healing, friendship and leadership development for Arab-Palestinian and Jewish-Israeli young women. 

For more information, please contact AWB Associate Director Carla Cassler, director@acuwithoutborders.org.

AWB Training Israel/West Bank 2019    

Our Work in 2017-2018

  • Trained over 50 acupuncturists to provide treatments in their communities, totaling 120 Jewish and Arab Israelis trained since 2014
  • Over 2000 treatments were provided in Palestinian villages, in the Otniel settlement, for Holocaust survivors in the Galilee, for Israeli soldiers with severe PTSD, for at-risk youth in central Israel, and in other communities.
  • AWB Israel recently started a weekly treatment clinic affiliated with Tel Hashomer, the Israeli version of the VA, where veterans receive treatment for trauma.
  • AWB took 15 acupuncturists from the US and Europe on a two-week World Healing Exchange to Israel and the West Bank. The group provided clinic services, learned about indigenous healing practices and met with coexistence and peace activists throughout the region.
  • AWB cultivated organizational relationships with Israeli and Palestinian social justice activists to bring trauma healing acupuncture services to more under-resourced communities.