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Level II Leadership Retreats

AWB’s Level 2 Training is designed to support trainees in reaching their next growth stage in becoming global healers and leaders within a context of acupuncture for trauma recovery, exploring the deeper strengths and challenges participants each bring to their work as leaders. It also addresses the nuts and bolts of setting up disaster relief and trauma recovery efforts, with advanced teachings in how to set up programs, whether they’re community service clinics or international projects. Finally, the Level 2 training offers advanced clinical practices that are powerful for healing trauma.

This retreat is an opportunity to gather together as a community of AWB supporters committed to service work in the world. There is a lot of powerful networking and personal bonding that happens during the event, which is often healing in and of itself, for practitioners who so often work alone. This process is held and supported by the beauty and peace of the pristine setting.

The AWB Level 2 training builds on the organization’s Level I training, “Healing Community Trauma,” and includes a certificate of Level 2 completion. AWB’s Healing Community Trauma (Level 1) course is a useful foundation for the advanced skills shared at this retreat, but is not a pre-requisite.

Level II Training Group, Vallecitos 2016

Upcoming Retreats

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