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Going Beyond Repair To Resilience with the 5 Elements | July 26, 2024 | Webinar

Going Beyond Repair To Resilience with the 5 Elements | July 26, 2024 | Webinar

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Can we go beyond “repair” to build capacity in trauma survivors for living in community the next time danger threatens? We acupuncturists are skilled at diagnosing pathology – both subtle and gross and repairing that. The 5 Elements illuminate the phases of the threat response and where that life-preserving process goes awry– Awaken Arousal (Metal), Signal Threat (Water), Mobilize A Response (Wood), Restore Coherence (Fire) and Digest the Gristle (Earth), and can guide us to highly effective ways to restore balance and regulation using their corresponding tissues, organs, or emotions.


The 5 Element model can also help trauma survivors cultivate their capacity for: Somatic Mindfulness (Metal), Distinguishing Discomfort from Fear (Water), Mobilizing Responses Commensurate with the Level of Threat (Wood); Recognizing that “It’s Over” (Fire) and Harvesting Lessons that Expand Rather than Contract (Earth).


Alaine Duncan, author of THE TAO OF TRAUMA, shares five element diagnostic and treatment strategies to restore balance and regulation and build resilience and capacity to live in vibrant community for trauma survivors. 


DATE: Friday July 26, 2024

HOURS: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM (Pacific Time)

FORMAT: Live Webinar

FEES: $60 


Pending approval by the NCCAOM, CAB, FL. TX accepts NCCAOM approved courses to satisfy continuing education requirements. NCCAOM Provider #525, CA Provider #0619 

REFUND POLICY: Full refunds or AWB credit offered up to 3 days prior to webinar. 

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