AWB Sponsorship

We seek innovative, strategic partnerships with businesses, acupuncture colleges, health care providers and community-based organizations that share our vision of healing trauma and building resilience in distressed communities.

AWB does not work alone!

Our goal with sponsoring partners is to create mutually beneficial collaborations – helping your organization thrive and achieve its objectives – while together we create more capacity for healing trauma in the world. 


For more information on options for becoming an AWB partner, please email Carla Cassler, director@acuwithoutborders.org, or call 510-847-0629.

Nepalese villagers thanking AWB sponsor Luggage Free for its support of post-earthquake disaster relief treatments, November 2015. Photo credit: Thomas Kelly

Below are a few ways that your business, school or organization can support this work and become an AWB Sponsoring Partner:

Sponsor licensed acupuncturists and students to attend an AWB “Healing Community Trauma Training.”

This training prepares practitioners to offer stress relief treatments, form disaster ready teams and set up community service clinics for trauma treatment. Your sponsorship enables acupuncturists with limited resources to participate so they can serve their communities.


Engage your employees or students with a workplace or school-giving project, or activate your customers to support AWB through a “cause” marketing campaign. Then donate the proceeds to AWB core operations or a dedicated AWB program:

  • The Disaster Ready Fund – Assists local acupuncture relief efforts in response to natural and human-created disasters.
  • Military Stress Recovery Program – Mentors over 30 AWB-affiliated volunteer clinics dedicated to treating veterans, military personnel and their families for pain and post-traumatic stress.
  • The AWB Refugee Healing Project – Provides training to acupuncturists and physicians who are working with refugee populations in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Haiti Program – Since the 2010 earthquake, this program continues to mentor ongoing acupuncture clinics for pain and trauma provided by AWB-trained Haitian health workers in rural clinics and tent cities.
  • Nepal Program – Trains Nepali acupuncturists to provide treatments for women and children who have been rescued from sex, labor and organ trafficking.
  • Israel-West Bank Program – Mentors Israeli and Palestinian health professionals working together to provide trauma reduction treatments in Israel and the West Bank.
  • Mexico Program – Trains Mexican health workers to provide treatments in poor and rural communities.


Sponsor an AWB on-line training course.

These courses offer advanced training to practitioners in subjects such as: understanding trauma; safety and ethics in field work; and advanced treatment protocols. Your business is displayed prominently as the sponsor at the beginning and end of each course.


Discount your products for AWB members and training participants.

AWB’s members and trainees favor purchasing their AOM products from businesses that support AWB’s service mission.

As an AWB Sponsoring Partner, you will Receive:

  • Prominent advertising in all AWB promotional materials and e-marketing that reaches 25,000 acupuncturists, MDs, RNs and other health workers several times each month.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion by our training staff at each of the eight in-person trainings we conduct around the U.S. annually, placing your organization directly in front of approximately 300 new oriental medicine providers each year.
  • A hotlink on the AWB website with a dedicated marketing page for your business or school.
  • Ongoing promotion from AWB whenever creative marketing opportunities arise, encouraging members and trainees to buy your products, including on AWB’s Facebook page which has a dedicated following of almost 6,000 fans and a typical weekly post reach of approximately 2,500 people.
  • Regular public acknowledgement of your business or school as an essential contributor to sustaining trauma relief programs locally and globally.
  • Use of AWB’s name as a collaborative partner on your marketing materials and website.

AWB is Grateful to our Current Sponsoring Partners Including: