Supply Donation

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT send supplies before calling our office to check our current needs. Our listed address is a PO Box and packages will be returned. Please call us at 503-477-9731 or email administrator@acuwithoutborders.org.

Our current WISHLIST includes:

  • Airline tickets or miles
  • Getaways and other popular items that we can auction in our yearly silent auction
  • Weekend retreats for our hard-working staff and volunteers!

Supplies that AWB can always use include:

  • .5 cun ear acupuncture needles (NOT EXPIRED)
  • Biohazard containers
  • Alcohol swabs, rubber gloves and cotton balls
  • Tackle boxes for mobile clinics
  • Office supplies including printer cartridges, paper, etc. (Please check with our office administrator on specifics, 503-477-9731.)
  • Herbs that we can offer as member benefits at trainings

When sending a donation of supplies, please include in the box the financial value, contents and donor contact information.