Wellness Is In Your Hands

Wellness Is In Your Hands

wellness is in your hands

Both acupressure and acupuncture are used to stimulate or sedate specific points on the body, which help to rebalance the body. Korean Hand Therapy provides a way to treat the whole body using just the hand, rather than trying to locate points throughout the body.

Susan states, “I’m often entrusted with the task of introducing audiences to Korean Hand Therapy and its benefits. Whether I am teaching at a school, corporation or non-profit, the experience follows a similar pattern. After providing context around KHT by discussing its origins and bringing in scientific evidence that supports its use, I introduce some acupoint locations as part of my presentation. Then, I conclude by asking for volunteers who are currently experiencing minor discomforts (there is someone in the room who is experiencing something – such as headache) to allow people to see KHT’s effectiveness firsthand. Once people see what it can do, it becomes tangible to them.”

Applying pressure to a KHT acupoint can be accomplished using your finger, pellets or bio-marked magnets. While traditional methods, such as pressing via thumb/fingertip are still the standard for acupressure therapy, having access to bio-marked magnets gives you more flexibility in terms of treatment time and location. The ability to use different methods gives you more options when dealing with uncomfortable episodes throughout the day – whether at home, work or while traveling. It also allows you to experience relief from these uncomfortable episodes quicker and without the need for someone else to perform the work for you.

KHT offers a simple yet sophisticated path to wellness, allowing both clients and practitioners to tailor their approach without the use of needles. With knowledge of KHT microsystems at hand, along with some practice, you and your patients can take control of your health with these self-application techniques that will supplement and extend in-person treatments for maximum effectiveness.





For over two-and-a-half decades, Susan Shane has been a licensed acupuncturist and the author of Vitality Fusion, Second Edition. Her expertise in wellness practices extends to speaking engagements at prestigious institutions such as University of California San Diego and Intuit Rohr Inc., where she served on their Community Advisory Board; her impressive educational background is further supplemented by being an adjunct faculty member at Pacific College of Health & Science’s San Diego campus.