Practitioner Education & Training

AWB offers online and live trainings designed to equip acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve communities impacted by natural disasters, human conflict, environmental devastation, poverty, and social injustice. All trainings are approved by the NCCAOM, CA, FL and TX Boards for continuing education credits.

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Community-Based Trauma Relief Projects

We provide ongoing financial and material support for long-term trauma-relief projects around the world. These projects include AWB-affiliated projects providing integrative care for refugees, immigrants, farmworkers, veterans, first-responders and other populations affected by traumatic events.

Current Projects

Disaster Relief

AWB provides support for community-led disaster response. Depending on the needs of the team on the ground, this can take the form of financial support, supply donations, mentorship, free education and resources. When requested, we recruit eligible volunteers from our global community.

Trauma Relief Clinics