PLATINUM | $10,000 +

  • Lhasa OMS

    Weymouth, MA

    For almost 40 years, Lhasa OMS has been helping to build the foundation of the United States acupuncture profession. Through the highest quality products, unmatched customer service, unrivaled product selection, continuing education opportunities, and a donation program to support relief efforts worldwide, Lhasa OMS’ mission is to be your partner in continuing the advancement and growth of acupuncture in the United States.

  • Mayway

    Oakland, CA

    Mayway’s mission is to advance the quality of Chinese herbs and to support the use and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Mayway is a family business that has been importing and distributing traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. From humble beginnings as a small herb shop in San Francisco Chinatown, they have grown to become a respected industry leader. They have been at the forefront of raising the quality standards of herbal products within our industry for decades, and are conscientious in sourcing of herbs and in the processing and manufacturing of their products.

  • Golden Flower

    Albuquerque, NM

    Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is a complete, single source for Chinese Medicine products. They assemble their patent formulas from high-quality bulk herbs and offer traditional formulas as well as formulations by experienced clinicians like John Scott, Andy Ellis, and Jake Paul Fratkin. Each formula, whether traditional, modern, or a modification, is created to address the problems of patients in today’s clinic.

      • The California Endowment

        Los Angeles, CA

        The California Endowment’s mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians.

      GOLD | Up to $10,000

      • Kamwo Meridian Herbs

        New York, New York

        Kamwo is the largest dispensary on the east coast and has been a trusted purveyor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, products, and services.  Located in New York's renowned Chinatown, they have been a mainstay of the Chinese Medicine community for over 50 years.

      SILVER | Up to $5,000

      • Acurea

        Las Vegas, NV

        Acurea USA was founded in 2013 to be a one stop web shop for your Acupuncture Clinic. They supply practitioners of Acupuncture, Doctors of Oriental and Chinese Medicine, and Herbal Practitioners with everything they may need for their practice.

      • DocSave

        United Kingdom

        Doc Save is the leading distributor of acupuncture supplies across Europe. They are committed to delivering the best quality available for the most affordable price.

      • Wabbo

        Lake Elsinore, CA

        For over two decades, The WABBO Company has been a trailblazer in an ever-expanding industry. As a wholesaler, manufacturer, and distributor of medical and acupuncture supplies, WABBO has made it a priority to not only offer exceptional medical equipment and products but also outstanding service in helping clients find the best solutions for their needs.

      • Florida State Oriental Medical Association

        Bradenton, FL

        FSOMA is a 501(c)6, not-for-profit professional association, serving Florida Licensed Acupuncturists since 1994.

      • Sear-Entity Seminars

        Sear-Enity Seminars was founded by Amy Sear.  She has taught Continuing Education courses to professionals since 2000. Courses are approved by the NCCAOM for PDA's and the Florida Board of Acupuncture for CEU's. Amy is a popular and well respected speaker and is well known for her organized, clear material and her helpful, information filled presentations.  She is considered an expert in safety, ethics, laws, documentation and integration.

      BRONZE | Up to $1,000

      • asiamed


        asia-med GmbH was set up in 1989 with the objective of providing acupuncture professionals with acupuncture needles of superior quality. Today, they offer over 30 different types of needles, with more than 300 variants.

      • NCCAOM

        Washington, DC

        The mission of the NCCAOM is to assure the safety and well-being of the public and to advance and advocate for the professional practice of NCCAOM Board-Certified Acupuncturists by promoting established national standards focused on competence and credentialing.

      • Blue Poppy

        Portland, OR

        Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of information, goods, and services for the establishment, improvement, and advancement of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the West, with the ultimate benefit of improving health and reducing and preventing disease.

      • Acuperfect Websites

        Acuperfect websites are professional websites for acupuncturists, built by an acupuncturist. Features include online scheduling, marketing toolbox, SEO, SSL Encryption, website support and gorgeous designs.

      • Tianjiang

        Ithaca, NY

        Treasure of the East offers a complete line of granule extracts made by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. They present the most consistent and potent extracts on the market and Tianjiang’s quality control and research divisions shape the standards of the industry. Treasure of the East herbal extracts is full-spectrum extracts that dissolve in hot water with color, flavor, and aroma of a traditional herbal decoction.