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Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery

Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery

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Trauma Informed Care Certificate Program
Module 3

- $20 Discount Available for AWB Members -

Carla Cassler, DAOM, L.Ac.
Ravyn Stanfield, LAc. DOM, M.Ac, NCCAOM Dipl. Ac.

15 PDA/CEU Points (NCCAOM, CA, FL, TX)
NCCAOM PDAs - 4 Ethics, 3 AOM-BIO, 1 Safety, 7 Professional Enhancement
CA Provider # is 0619. This is a Category 1 Distance Learning Course.

In this course, Acupuncturists Without Borders will continue to train practitioners to provide effective, safe, and inclusive acupuncture services in diverse communities in the United States and internationally. The focus is on how to deliver community-based care in group settings and how to establish community-based projects that address the health needs of traumatized, under-served populations.

By the end of the course, participants will have a deep understanding of:

- using trauma-informed-care principles in community treatment;
- ethics when working in communities (creating safe spaces, confidentiality, practitioner/patient boundaries);
- safety issues in community-based settings (including safe CoVid-era practices);
- providing culturally sensitive care;
- how to create treatment teams;
- logistics of community acupuncture project development (finding venues, fundraising, outreach, implementation, and project evaluation);
- practitioner team-building and problem-solving strategies;
- case studies presented by experienced practitioners to help participants learn and implement best practices.


Dr. Tenisha Dandridge, LAc – Owner of Everyone’s Place, a mobile acupuncture clinic in Sacramento, CA, AWB volunteer at Sacramento pop up clinics for houseless & covid-affected community, author of “Unusual Tale of Acupuncture, Racism, and African American History in the USA,” and co-founder of

Amy Schroeder, LAc – Acupuncturist and AWB volunteer for the AWB Refugee Project in Greece, and team leader of Minneapolis pop up clinics after the murder of George Floyd.

Ximena Rojas – Ximena is the lead midwife at Parteras-Espacio Migrante Clinic, which provides care for asylum seekers and others in need in Tijuana. She and her team were trained by AWB to offer NADA protocol ear treatments in the Parteras birthing center and the Espacio Migrante primary care clinic.

Sue Pollard – Sue became involved with AWB in 2005 at the outset of the response to hurricane Katrina. She was with the first AWB team in New Orleans and assisted with administration duties of the organization in the early days. Sue also started the first AWB Veterans Clinic in Albuquerque which ran for several years, and later volunteered with the response to the Newtown, CT school shooting. She now serves on the board of AWB.

Ramon Serrano, LAc – Ramon is a licensed acupuncturist, former professor in NYC, writer/poet, and long-time community activist. He started coordinating AWB field work after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2018 and continues to set up AWB clinics in the wake of the earthquakes that struck the island in 2019-2020. Ramon serves on the board of AWB.

Johanna Utter, LAc - Johanna is team leader for AWB's Sacramento clinic that provides weekly ear seed treatments to houseless people.

Rebecca Sauser, LAc - Rebecca is team leader for AWB Seattle, which has recently mobilized clinics in coordination with racial justice organizations in Seattle.

Note: This is the third course in our our five-module certificate program Repairing the Shattered Heart. Each module stands alone and does not require completion of any other. Please contact or 503.477.9731 with any questions.

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