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Restoring Relationships

Restoring Relationships

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Alaine Duncan, LAc

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CA Provider #0619, Category 1 Distance Learning.

This program teaches acupuncturists how to understand the three neurological platforms of the human nervous system, and how they function together. Humans have a five-phase "Self Protection Response" that allows them to identify and respond appropriately to possible danger, and each of these phases corresponds to the five element model of Chinese Medicine.

Within this context, it is possible to identify five different types of traumatic stress response that can occur when the Self Protection Response gets thwarted in a particular phase. This understanding, and the corresponding ability to diagnose what is happening correctly when a patient presents with traumatic stress, allows for more precise and effective treatment of traumatic stress.

Goals and Objectives:

- Understand the five phases of the Self Protection Response;
- Understand how the five phases of Chinese Medicine correspond to the five phases of the Self Protection Response;
- Understand the signs and symptoms of the five types of traumatic stress so that they can diagnosed and treated most effectively;
- Understand how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems function together to create a “Zone of Resiliency” under all conditions except for life threat;
- Understand how and why this “Zone of Resiliency” is breached during situations of life threat, and what is needed in order for the system to re-establish functioning within this Zone;
- Understand how Stephen Porges’ PolyVagel Theory explains how the three evolutionary neurological platforms function together;
- Be familiar with the “portals of connection” humans use to establish safety with each other and co-regulate their nervous systems, how each individual’s personal history figures into this process, and the implications of this for what is necessary during a healing relationship.

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