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Repairing the Shattered Heart - Trauma Informed Care Certificate Program

Repairing the Shattered Heart - Trauma Informed Care Certificate Program

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As we know, trauma can steal the ability to relax, recover, solve problems, enjoy loved ones, and stay in the present moment. Sometimes it’s a terrible, singular event that changes everything from that day onwards. Other times, it’s a continuous flood of painful or exhausting experiences that keep the nervous system agitated. Trauma does not get better over time. Trauma does not heal without intervention. Physical illness and death, loss of livelihood and housing, inaccessible and inequitable health care, extended isolation, systemic oppression, distrust of science and government, and the breakdown of community, all contribute to our individual and collective trauma. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger, disassociation, drug use, and suicide are escalating symptoms.

Creating another kind of world will take a great deal of structural change and healing. It’s why we need trauma informed care now more than ever.

This program is for you if you have asked yourself any of the following:

  • How can I make a difference in the current crisis as a health care practitioner?
  • What are the best evidence-based tools and protocols for me to support the mental health struggles in my communities?
  • How can I better understand the impact of trauma on my clients and patients?
  • What will it take for me to feel comfortable working with people dealing with intense (and potentially unrelenting) personal and systemic crises?
  • Where can I gain the competence and confidence to work with intergenerational, collective, and/or racialized trauma, and partner with communities in respectful and humble ways?
  • What kind of leadership can I offer that combines my knowledge of East Asian/Chinese medicine with my desire to be of service?
  • How can I address secondary/vicarious trauma and promote self-care for myself and others that is useful, community based, and accessible?

Repairing the Shattered Heart is a journey that answers these questions, and provides practitioners with the skills, confidence, knowledge, empathy, and community to treat trauma effectively.

We call AWB’s work the Medicine of Peace because cultivating peaceful, healthy communities is our overarching goal. We believe that trauma is often at the basis of human suffering, and that unless trauma cycles are interrupted and resolved at the personal, familial, community and global level, this suffering will continue unabated. Our primary mission is to provide exceptional trauma-informed care training so that practitioners can treat trauma in their own communities, especially in this time of deep global challenge.


MODULE 1: Repairing the Shattered Heart - Why We Need Trauma-Informed Care Now

MODULE 2: Trauma Prevention and Recovery Protocols - Clinical Toolkit for Use in Community and Private Practice

MODULE 3: Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery – How to be Effective, Ethical & Inclusive

MODULE 4: The Power of Leadership to Change the World – Trauma-Informed Skills for Life, Work, Community

MODULE 5: Trauma-informed Self Care and Recovery – Cultivate and protect your own qi while doing deep work in private practice and field

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